Interview with Kopo Magic

Hello Kopo! Thanks for taking time to talk with us today! I would love to jump right in and ask what drew you to learn the Harp.

I was sitting with my first niece when she was about 3 years old. Watching sesame Street and a woman was playing the harp and teaching about it. My niece looked at me and said. You could do that. I thought, huh. Maybe I could. I went online and found a harp and ordered one and the rest is history.

Tell us any artist that you would love to collaborate with – dead or alive.

Lady Gaga for sure, Niel Diamond and Simon and Garfunkel

For fans that have never been to see you live – what can they expect when they come to a show?

When I do a live event. It’s not a concert I provide. It’s a call and response to ancient Sanskrit prayers. It’s an experience that feels your heart. Some say it’s like going to a very inspiring and uplifting event.

Do you ever make mistakes when performing? How do you handle that?

I do all the time. I just go with it and go on that journey and keep going forward.

What is one song that you play every time your perform no matter what?

This song is Sunshine. Because it’s a huge part of who I have become and who I am.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am opening a new chapter in my life and refining and focusing on my old albums. Learning what my purpose is in a deeper way. I’m learning that my passion has a life and I now it’s helping others, like it’s been helping me to overcome my inner obstacles.

Where can fans connect with you online or catch a show coming up?

IG – @kopomagic
Twitter – kopomagic


End of Interview

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