“Hold On” by Zack Landry

Of the many gifts God has bestowed on someone like Zack Landry, you could obviously highlight his incredible voice and the fantastic music which despite being only a handful of singles, leaves an undoubted impression with each one, but above all else, it’s his optimism and the ability to help life people up that should be spoken of more. From the get-go of his newest song “Hold On,” his intentions are razor sharp and clear. All through the song are peppered these subtle spoken word moments where even in the midst of the songs break so to speak, he emphasizes to listeners at home or in their car to look at themselves in the mirror and to remember that they’re strong and loved and they will always overcome their hardship. It’s an exciting infectious song brimming with so much personality and beautiful production with its inclusion of so many different assets.

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The vibes and the rhythms are so strong and striking as the chimes punctuate countless notes as the guitar riff bounces along so precisely as Landry’s voice carries this whole event from start to finish. Landry has received a good amount of recognition for his work, winning the Rhythm of Gospel Best Contemporary Artist in 2015, and in 2016 he won the NOLA Award for the same category. As a devout believer in his faith and his craft, he has blended the two together making incredible music that should hopefully become mainstays in Church’s across the world.

Citing that he works as Minister of Music with his passionate belief that his mission to fulfill God’s word through music, he’s doing an amazing job of spreading the good word. He uses his gifts to also build others up, his bio reading that we should “Never forget the purpose of your gift” and he has transcribed this belief into “Hold On” with the way that he uses repetition to keep repeating these phrases in a way that’s never grating but always inspiring. The lyrics are minimalist but the execution in true gospel music fashion is maximalist.

A blend of neo-soul and some jazzier backing elements that all mesh together beautifully. It slides across the ears in such a miraculous way that with multiple listens as I’ve done, you’ll find new elements over and over that will always surprise you and keep you wanting to come back for more. By the time Landry comes to the crescendo of the song, you’ll be fully enraptured by its power and with the phenomenal backing instruments and Landry’s talents as a pianist, which he discovered at a very young age being able to play and replicate music by ear, but as he’s come into his own, he’s outgrown replication and is clearly his own man and musician. His work is commendable and catchy and filled with heart and soul and a positive message. It’s a universal sound that anyone can enjoy and it leaves you wanting more. Landry held on, and we’re all the better for it.

Michael Rand

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