Jerad Finck releases new single HOME a rollicking indie anthem


In his latest single “Home,” pop singer Jerad Finck tries his hand at a more experimental strain of synthpop and emerges with an enchanting track that fuses grinding R&B grooves into a cold synthesizer’s most ethereal melody. Finck sings like he’s got nothing to lose in “Home;” his lyrics are personal but not removed from accessibility, his attention to the rhythm is rivaled only by the brutality of the rambunctious bassline, and where his contemporaries are utilizing crunchy drums that leave a lot to be desired in ballads like this one, he does the exact opposite, and delivers a percussive beat as tender as his vocal is. One of my biggest issues with modern pop music has been the lack of expressive tonality in the instrumental portion of any given single we’ve heard on mainstream FM radio lately, but that’s not a problem in this song. Finck doesn’t want to engage us solely through his verses in “Home” – rather than sticking with the mundane status quo, he gives us a pop song that touches us with both its beefy bassline and its lively lyricism.

What makes this single a rollicking indie anthem isn’t its attractive hook nor its earthy vocal track – it’s the sardonic synthesizer that cuts through our stereos with its manic attack and washes every beat we hear in the song in textures that speak to the post-punk influences in Jared Finck’s sound. There’s a spaciness here that I wasn’t anticipating, but it makes for a savage addition to “Home.” Finck is very methodical in the way he’s joining the verses together, and while he’s going as hard at the mic as he ever has, his enthusiasm doesn’t translate as overeager in the least. When he breaks away from the chorus, there’s a pause where all of the tension that was released in the hook’s climax starts to re-form, and as he gets into the next stanza, it becomes even more yearning in tone than it was at the beginning of the song. This rollercoaster of emotions isn’t as jarring as it might sound on paper; if anything, it’s a beautifully artistic means of describing what it feels like to be in the throes of a reckless romance.

If you thought that there was no way that Jerad Finck could ever top what he did in the powerful “New Kids,” you’d better think again and strap yourself in for this latest pop juggernaut. Finck’s talent isn’t teachable, and that isn’t to say that there aren’t other artists producing material that is just as engrossing as any of his is. What he does with a microphone in his hand is unique to his personality, expressive in every sense, and as magnetic as it is angelic when joined with a graceful groove. His voice could carry a bad song a lot further than some of his peers’ would, but fortunately for us, he hasn’t cut anything in the studio that has been even remotely close to regrettable. He’s going places with this music, and “Home” provides an ample confirmation of his impressive skill as a solo artist.


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