Guitarist Singer/Songwriter Bill Abernathy Releases New Single

Leave it to songwriters and poets to look through the news reports and have a one-of-a-kind take on what’s really happening in the world. Kansas City singer/songwriter Bill Abernathy’s blaring perspective on personal freedoms and government overreach is touched upon in his new single “More Than Meets The Eye”. It of course, covers much more ground and lives up to its name of being more than just what you get on the first glance. Don’t judge a book by its cover with Abernathy. When it comes to rock and roll and Americana music, Abernathy has the competition beat. “More Than Meets The Eye” has the audacity to take on the establishment and it wins.


Personally Abernathy reminds me of a cross between Michael Martin Murphy, Hal Ketchum and Mark Lindsay, has no plans backing down in “More Than Meets The Eye”. His song bed is rich with classic rock tones cornered only by the electric guitar that he leaves in its wake. The rose colored glasses, adopted by the masses, shade the truth compelling all to follow, the facts as they’re reported, through bias so distorted, he sings. When he sings, interestingly enough, Abernathy doesn’t show disdain or anger. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder, but he’s not shouting or yelling. I think he’s coming from a very frustrated and somewhat fearful place. He doesn’t like where the country (assuming he’s talking about the current state of affairs for the United States of America) is going and I’m guessing he’s not down with wearing a mask. I could be completely wrong on my assertion.

The lines false flag indoctrination, running rampant through the nation, a primrose path leading us to ruin, struck me. I was especially intrigued by the primrose path use. I loved the imagery and it really made me think differently about my own paths of information and where I glean my intel. Something to consider, for sure. I think that’s Abernathy’s point. Is for the listener to not completely take an entirely different approach, but look at all the paths, look at all the information and make up your own mind. Don’t rely on anyone else. The fact that he does this with song never stopped dazzling me and I’m in awe that he put these lyrics to song with such a fierce rock soundtrack is incredible. He might sing of a world divided, but he excels and bringing an amazing music to his memorable voice. “More Than Meets The Eye” really grows with creditability on each listen.

Abernathy has a long history of shaking the status quo. His resume of hits includes “Goodbye Will Never Come Again”, “Cry Wolf”, “Whiskey Road” and “Can’t Go Back”. He’s a master storyteller and for any music fan willing to listen, and open their mind to possibilities that aren’t right in front of them, “More Than Meets The Eye” is the song to consider. You might find that you share the same viewpoint, and even if you don’t, Abernathy writes one hell of a great song.

Michael Rand

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