Fate Under Fire – La La Love

Fate Under Fire – La La Love

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Sacramento, California based four piece Fate Under Fire, led by singer/songwriter David James, has experienced considerable commercial and critical success with their recent emergence they are set to capitalize on with the release of their new single “La La Love”. The latest single builds on the reputation they’ve established with songs like “On the Water” and “Parachute” Front man David James was recently signed to Luna Music Group Publishing.  Many of their contemporaries offer up glossy entertainment packages for modern audiences, but few of them can match the melodic effervescence, compositional structure, and high production values Fate Under Fire are increasingly perfecting with each new release. “La La Love” continues their successful run with a potent single that’s sure to raise their public profile even more and attract many more fans to follow their journey through the musical world.

Drums and synths musically introduce the song and James follows in shortly after the first notes. There’s a sense of the song gradually ramping up and, soon enough, listeners are swept up in its full swing. The song’s rhythm section is hard-hitting, but fleet footed and never puts its foot down too hard on the glittering top line melodies. Much of the song’s melodic load is carried quite well by the battery of synthesizer lines flashing like quicksilver over the rhythmic foundation. The drumming is particularly stellar and the bass playing complements it very nicely without ever coming off as gratuitous or ostentatious. There is a smattering of guitar mixed into the arrangement, but it’s definitely a supporting instrument rather than one leading the way. It exerts much of its effect in the song’s second half and serves as another important flavor in what the band offers with this single.

James has a superb, upper register voice that dovetails into the arrangement yet possesses all the needed emotion to make an impact on the listener. He has a canny instinct for pulling back at key points and allowing the music to take over while delivering obviously intelligent lyrics clearly crafted to seamlessly fit the arrangement. There’s a little bit of secondary backing vocals intended to further strengthen the song’s vocal presentation, but James has enough of a voice to carry the song on his own without ever sounding like a poor fit. “La La Love”, based on title alone, might sound like a pleasant trifle or throwaway number, but even a single listen proves that Fate Under Fire and David James is intent on offering more than just sweet but ultimately hollow confections for their audience. This is the sort of number that will expand their appeal without ever compromising their artistic and musical vision for listeners. Fate Under Fire’s “La La Love” is a winning proposition from the start and comes across with equal parts passion and entertainment to leave a mark on listener’s subconscious.



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