Ashley Delima – Evolution

Ashley Delima – Evolution


The new single from Ashley Delima “Evolution” is a feisty song ready for this summer’s soundtrack. Delima wastes little time in this nearly 3:30 song catching you into her modern-pop-rock web.  Hook, line and sinker – she gets you into her “Evolution.”

Delima, who originally hails from New Jersey, spent her formative years (ages seven – 17) in Brazil, is now back in the Garden State at age 19. While her years are young, her strong voice has the range and edgy beauty like that of Rockell (“In a Dream”), Pink, KESHA and even Sara Bareilles. If you’re expecting another Latin-flavored track, you won’t find it in “Evolution.”

Before “Evolution” Delima released the timely “Stay in America.” This uplifting track is in support of those struggling to stay in the U.S. with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) immigration policy. Delima co-wrote the song with famed two-time Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, KESHA, Hilary Duff and Roger Daltry) and veteran songwriter Brielle Brown. The celebrated track is uniquely different than “Evolution.”

Lyrically, “Evolution” has simple pop-laced wording… Delima isn’t moving mountains with her prose. Some examples:

It’s just a mask I wear….Everybody warned me not to choose you… 

What I found most engaging about “Evolution” is the catchy hook. The chorus is just phenomenal. The music bed itself isn’t a slick dance track. Rather, its orchestration has a darker, electronic bead that braids itself around a popping, drip-drip ping. The percussion beat is easy to groove alongside. The sound – bare with me here – has just enough tension to feel like a cobalt-laced processer grinding into an ambient vacuum. Delima’s strong voice surfs the murky sound wave.

The last few measures of the song – again its short track – stretch out that glorious music bed. And as much I enjoyed it, I also wanted to hear more of Delima’s voice. She can sing. While there might be limited words to the song, let her belt it out. I have the confidence she can hit those notes. She doesn’t over-sing and keeps it just right. She’s a true pop artist.

It’s funny – her name reminds me of the word ‘dilemma’ and it couldn’t be further than my feelings for this song. On one hand, maybe, yes, there’s a conundrum on placing this in a true pop category, but on the hand, how do you solve a problem like Delima – she stands apart.

Delima comes across as someone that takes risks with her music – and she definitely does in “Evolution.” She gets high marks for creating a punchy tune. She doesn’t come across as cutesy or over-confident. I think she sounds uniquely inspiring. While it’s easy to compare to female singers, the way she projects and moves this song along, she’s the ideal front voice. This song has the legs to make it onto many peoples’ hit lists.


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