Exclusive Interviw with MAXX

Any new updates on new music? 

Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for all my latest updates! I’ll be releasing new music in about a month and lots more following that!

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome in making your latest music? 

When I write it’s like I’m writing in my personal journal so it’s always a little bit of an obstacle deciding how much I really want to expose myself lol but I like to be as open as I possibly can!

Do you need to be in a certain mood to write?

Not really. If I’m wanting to write I do no matter how I’m feeling! But I have to want to do it because I get really frustrated with myself if I force myself to write a song. So I guess I have to be in a writing mood 🙂

What is next for you?

Music, music and more music! I’m constantly writing and releasing so expect new music! I’m also just working on growing as an artist and connecting with my fans!

Give us all your links! 

MORE INFO:https://linktr.ee/Maxx.nies

End of Interview

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