Sam Louis – “Driftin’”

Sam Louis curates an imaginative, futuristic music bed with sing along harmonies in the new single “Driftin’”. An artist singing about facing life alone, not feeling tethered to anything or anyone, even floating among the stars keeps his listener connected. Louis possesses an instant rapport with his audience – the kind of pop/electronica voice that could melt any heart. A balladeer with an electronic streak – Louis sounds out of this world in “Driftin’”.


I’m losing sight of who I am…anybody out there even care, anyone at all, sings the Thunder Bay-Toronto-based singer. Speckles of youth mixed with an un-jaded outlook fuse together in his voice. He sings as though he’s been through a breakup after a very long relationship. But he also sings as though he’s searching the universe for that special someone. I’m drifting far-ther away from you, he sings, breaking up the word ‘farther’ like it’s in his everyday lexicon. I found him to have an invisible bliss that kept me wanting to hear more and more. He has such a warmth and comfort in his vocals – even though you know he’s pouring his emotions out and wearing his heart on his sleeve. I found that endearing and quite brave. He’s still very approachable and likable. One line that really stood out  – it’s hard to see myself in the morning – made a me a bit sad. I think he transports the listener to a scene of him in the mirror. While very relatable, it also made me really feel for Louis. His star burned brighter at that moment, he became more than just a singer. 

Perhaps “Driftin’” is a modern-day “Rocket Man” and burns just as bright. I don’t think Louis overplays his cards with the space and stars theme. He’s actually quite grounded in his vocals and the levity of the music current is exceptional. It’s modern, with strong beats and small, clandestine bursts. It sounds nocturnal, and intimate. I think the music is a perfect companion to Louis’ vocal prowess. They complement each other nicely and give the listener enough breathing room to feel like they, too, are drifting off into another dimension. In other words, this song has a lot of depth to feel like a slow dance, a groove that could get you ready for Friday night antics or weekend escapades. It could also be a slow-burner, a chance to meander around the day, around your thoughts and feelings after a breakup. I think he’s communicating all of this to his audience – and that it’s okay to feel something one day and feel differently the next day. The sonic journey in “Driftin’” allows for all of it. 

Louis is an exciting artist either way – he’s definitely one to keep on your radar. I would love to hear him sing a more up-tempo track. “Driftin’” is right in his wheelhouse and you can tell he chose a song that plays to his strengths. He shows vulnerability. He has the foundation to really become a breakout star (and artist). 

Michael Rand

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