Exclusive Interviw with Erini Nomikou

How are you making out in 2021 with your music?

I have been working on a couple projects, writing a lot of new music and collaborating with great musicians from all around the world. 

During quarantine a couple of friends and I created a show called Rooftop Sundays Live where we play Greek music and discuss trending topics. 

Also I have been working on an album and have been rehearsing with my amazing band this whole time. We always do some type of live stream or show. And now that things are opening up, more live shows are coming!

What has the difference been between 2020 Erini Nomikou vs. 2021 Erini Nomikou?

Erini Nomikou in 2020 was definitely younger, not only in age but in personal growth as well. I feel like 2020 was a great year to reflect on myself and it really helped me understand new aspects of my personality. I had made plans about my career and life and things were going good, but because of Covid a lot changed and the plans that I had made, completely changed. Having to deal with that created a lot of stress and although I generally am very positive as a person, I got to a point where I needed psychological support. However Erini Nomikou in 2021 is much stronger, sure about herself, independent and definitely more positive! I feel like I know myself better and nothing can stop me from doing what I love and what makes me happy. I grow and learn every day and even though some days are not as great as others, I have learned to take everything in, take a deep breath, reflect and move on. 

Is there anything or one that has contributed to the growth? 

My psychologist! Hahaha Definitely all the people that support me and are there for me. I believe that growth comes from experiences, the people that surround you, the places you see, everything somehow contributes to your growth. I was very lucky to have my wonderful friends and family by my side throughout the whole time and that inspired me not only in my music but also in my life. When you see that the people you love are doing good and are happy, that only can make you a better person, a happier person. And although we couldn’t get out of the country or even the state for a while, that didn’t stop us from exploring new places, being in nature and experiencing new things. All that combined with my personal reflection is what contributed to my growth. 

What do you base your success on? 

For me being true and honest to myself and artistic expression is what’s more important. And of course hard work. If you can support what you are doing and can show the world that this is who you truly are, you will find the right people that will be attracted to it. Honesty is missing from the world and people appreciate it when they see it. So I base my success in the work that I have put in all these years and the fact that I have never tried to be someone that I am not. My music, my performance and everything that I do or say, I support 1000%.

How has the support of your fans kept you to keep on going? 

Without my fans and the people that support me I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I am doing. Of course first of all I create music for myself, because I love it. But, at the end of the day a big part of music is being able to share it with the world. Finding others that can relate to what I am writing about and enjoy my performances is so important and keeps me going. 

This year specifically, the support of my fans kept me going as they all supported my crowdfunding campaign that I created for my upcoming album. Because of them I am now able to fully record my songs and put my music out there. 

Any major news to share? 

Of course the release of my album “Anthropolection”. It’s a collection of songs that all have to do with “anthropous” ,people in Greek, that have been or are in my life. Also I have my first live show, since Covid, on the 24th of June at the EL Cid.

What do new fans need to stream RIGHT now of yours? 

If you want a sneak peak on my album go watch my latest live stream with Sparam Entertainment on YouTube! 

Where can they keep up with you going forward?

Anyone that wants to know about my music and upcoming shows can either subscribe to my webpage (https://www.erininomikou.com)  and follow me on Instagram (@erininomikou) or Facebook (@erininomikou). 

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