Kiron Rasheed “Ask About Me”

Newcomer, Kiron Rasheed is on the scene with the bombastic and dynamic new single, “Ask About Me.” Rasheed is hard to label as simply a rapper, as his style errs towards that of the more all-encompassing term, vocalist. His bio also lists him as a producer and entrepreneur, further cementing his autonomy. One listen to “Ask About Me,” and you will just assume that Rasheed has been doing this for some time. He shows an exceptional sense of composition and his delivery is memorable, to say the least.

Rasheed recruited singer, Leah Rich, to handle the chorus, on “Ask About Me,” to tremendous effect. She has an undeniable range, with the style to boot. She shows an operatic upper register to close out the track, and she is quite simply the star of the song. That’s not to discount Kiron at all, though. It’s no question that everything we hear is the result of his vision and creativity, and he is smart enough to know how much to give and where. 

“Ask About Me.” Opens with an old style video game effect, which then kicks into the pristine drum track. The beat slaps you on the back, repeatedly, and doesn’t let up, until the final act. We then hear Rich, with the title phrase, in a perfectly layered vocal track that is instantly infectious. I have not been able to get her voice out of my head, since my first listen. Rich just simply sounds like a star, even if her overall approach isn’t something that is particularly innovative, she simply possesses that intangible factor.


It’s around this point, Kiron drops the bomb on us. My hysteria was quite the spectacle upon hearing the strum of an electric guitar. That’s right, Kiron Rasheed, a Hip Hop artist, added the most rock of all instruments to one of his first tracks. Aside from offending, Kanye West, Rasheed wins the pony with this totally unexpected addition to “Ask About Me.” There’s even something of a guitar solo towards the latter section of the track, that will go a long way in setting Kiron apart from his peers.

I’m all in/winner go home/go ahead and stay foul/I’m gonna stay in the zone. Rasheed comes out of the gate, swinging, revealing his intentions without a hint of trepidation. One of his most standout qualities, is his lack of propensity towards vulgarity. He gets his message across without expletives, or stereotypes. By administering a dose of modesty to a genre that has seemingly worked tirelessly, to achieve pomp, Kiron is doing his part to channel progress.

This track is truly something to get excited for. The Performances are exceptional, but it might just be the idea that is most promising. Listening to this, made me recall a time of sincerity, ethics, and maturity. A time when artists accepted the responsibility bestowed upon them, to reflect our world in the most meaning and valuable way, they could. After hearing this, Kiron Rasheed is someone, people are going to be asking about.

Michael Rand

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