Exclusive Interview with Giadora

How would you classify your music?

I would definitely classify it as pop/r&b. Some of my songs are very dancy, such as Twisted, but my roots are much more r&b/jazz influenced.

Who are some of your top 5 musical influences? 

My top music influencers would have to be Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Ella Fitzgerald, that vocally inspired me the most. Aside from them I would get inspired by many different artists depending on specific songs I heard, ranging from Fleetwood Mac all the way to current day songs by Halsey.

What do you feel is the hardest part about being an artist?

The hardest part, in my opinion, about being an artist is when things don’t go right or you have a downfall in your career. Sticking with you goal and working your butt off to achieve it can almost seem a struggle because some artists’ biggest flaw, such as myself, is vulnerability. Pushing through the “what if” and getting to “will happen” mindset is a bigger step than most people think.

What is the best concert you have been to?

One of my all-time favorite shows I’ve been to would be the Arctic Monkeys at Staples Center in 2014. They’ve been one of my top favorite bands and to see them live was incredible.

What do you like most about playing live?

I always say when I perform live I get a high from the amount of adrenaline and excitement that goes through me all at once. If I feel confident and well-rehearsed for my performances I have not one fear in my mind. It’s exhilarating as a whole.

Can you tell us a little more about your upcoming release?

“Twisted” is one of my favorite tracks I’ve written because the lyrics are so powerful, when you really take a moment to listen. “Twisted” is about that someone I’m sure almost everyone knows that isn’t really who they show themselves to be, so rather than getting caught up in my feels I close to give them back what they’ve received (hypothetically). 

How have you evolved as an artist over the last year? 

I have become Giadora within the last year and made more career driven moves than I’ve ever made before. I’ve created some truly incredible works of art with my fabulous producer, Viision, and am finally releasing my first official single as Giadora. That itself is an accomplishment as an artist I’m beyond proud of.

If you could meet, perform, co-write a song, have dinner or drink with any artist (dead or

alive), who would it be?  

There are so many people I could think of, but musically co-writing a song with Tame Impala would be awesome. It’s something I’ve said for awhile now.

Is there any cause or foundation that is close to your heart?

Absolutely anything to with suicide prevention. At some point I plan to dive in deep with foundation work and helping anyone and anything that needs it, but suicide prevention has always been important to me growing up. You will definitely see that in upcoming work.

What’s 2019 looking like for you?

The rest 2019 will be my best year yet I’m sure. Releasing my first single and pushing for more releases to come is what I’m most excited for. Hopefully some performances before the year ends as well. But I want to keep an open mind and let what’s supposed to happen just happen.


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