Eddy P. is “Surging in Seattle”

Eddy P gives it all in his exciting five-track EP. The indie hip hop artist creates an engaging story, track by track, into which listeners can escape. Song by song, the anticipation builds and Eddy P’s skills unveil themselves to be stronger than the previous. This Seattle-rapper has a lot to say, and it’s time for him to be heard.

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A transplant from Oakland, California, Eddy P’s Washington State residence triggered his artistic endeavor. Starting in 2000, he began producing and recording his songs, a discography that includes 11 singles, three full albums and two EPs. He plans to release a full album later this fall.

The EP starts out with the exciting “I Luv My Block”. The song has a steady, electronic beat with up-tempo piano keys, solid percussion and some killer blues guitar licks. The next track, “Letters” really solidified his lyrical talents. “Just another day in my life” he starts then raps “impatient as I should, embracing what I can, each memory’s a weight, I’ll always carry like your hand.” He goes on to rap “it don’t matter what they say, the words don’t me who I am.” I thought that was a particularly interesting line – I think he words do express who he is. I felt like I was having a conversation with him and connecting with him on a different level.

The third track, “Natty Gurl” gives some good points- Eddy P’s perspective is insightful. He’s not interested in a relationship with women who get breast enhancements, cheek implants and other body changes. He raps in the chorus: “natty gurl, come and put it on me, natty gurl, come and get to know me, natty gurl, look you such a cold piece turn around and show me.” I will leave it up to the reader to interpret that the way they see fit, but I felt like he was saying that when he touches a woman, he wants to feel the real her, not some science experiment.

“Snowglobe” doesn’t stray far from Eddy P’s life perspective theme. Calling the police’s logo “chalk and yellow” he raps “even if you’re free, they give you 33…reality woke me up and said come with me, Eddy P, you in the snow globe, that’s why no one e’er escape, they in a snow globe.” As a listener, I felt like he was commenting that even though police see him as a free man, he’s still a target. They are still watching him to mess up, to do something wrong. They shake him, try to break him.

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Finally, in “They Need Me” Eddy P once again uses the melodic piano. My favorite lines are “the worst thing is being misunderstood…what’s good about a dream if you aint give it legs”. This song gives the listener another chance to see behind the curtain. I think Eddy P puts up a few walls in the first few tracks and you try and get a feel for who he is an artist. By “They Need Me” I had a very strong sense of his skillset and personality.

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