DawgGone Davis’ Drops New Single

“No More” is rapper extraordinaire DawgGone Davis’ newest track. It’s a barn burner and further proof that Davis, a Kansas City-based artist, continues to align herself with great talent in vocalist Chago Williams, guitarist Romain Duchein and Jack T. Perry on drums. “No More” has a lively mix of rock and roll guitar and Williams’ spellbinding vocals. Davis’ special brand of no holding back when it comes to lyrics and her sarsaparilla bubbly mix of spoken word and rapping is a spectacle to be held. “No More” leaves it on the table and once again drops the mic.

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Rebecca “DawgGone” Davis has been stealing the show with her original music for just a little over two years. She calls herself ‘Bec’ in her music, and in the lines the ballad of Bec, it all went to heck, she gives a candid, albeit humorous at times, look at what choices she’s made, including marrying a man 20 years her senior. Some good some traumatic, all happens when hormones go automatic, she raps in her own unique style. As a listener you really begin to appreciate Davis’ personality and fearlessness. As she’s using humor, the echoing words Williams is singing lays a strong groundwork for emotional pulling. He sings no more, let you bring me down, I just can’t take it no more, you told me lies, not one more time. The rousing feel is yet another gem to Williams’ crown. Davis, as in previous tracks, does give reference to her faith. Jesus is Lord, don’t cut the cord, I’m a big zero, he’s the real hero, she raps, matter of factly.

Duchein on guitar is a revelation. The guitar really struck me as erratic at first. It’s as if the guitar captured the frustration and the anxiety of leaving a marriage. There is also something very beautiful in that disarray. As strange as that sounds, Davis’ own words come to a realization that she made a mistake, and the guitar mimics that journey. It really starts to open up, to unveil a bright, warm melody. Duchein’s guitar captures Davis’ resiliency. Perry’s drums, more confined than Duchein’s guitar arrangement, still fill the space with a beat that Davis sticks to like glue. These elements add another vibe, a whole new energy to Davis’ already entertaining stature.

Logging Davis’ work is getting to be a bigger and better task. She really keeps unveiling interesting tracks, that if you listen closely can be very revealing about her own life and background. “No More”, like all her works, is produced by German producer, Helmut Wolf (the Wolfman). Other tracks worth checking out include “Darkest Hour”, “Weight of The World”, “Forever Music”, “Butt On Fiya”, “Unemployment Blues” and the holiday treat “Here Comes Santa Dawg”. These are just a quick taste of the unforgettable DawgGone Davis’ discography. I’ll take that bet that she’s probably working on new material as I type. She has an overflowing imagination and a lot on her mind to share with her listeners and the world.

Michael Rand

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