“Together” Single by American Greed

What happens when you get a group of seasoned musical veterans in the same room? You get the band American Greed. This rock outfit is on the trajectory to turning a lot of heads with the new track “Together”. Packed tightly with a near symphonic rock guitar and a percolating percussion, American Greed spoils the listener with the right amount of heart, rock and power pop. “Together” feels like the culmination of hard work, exceptional talent and wearing ones heart on the sleeve.

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Professing contrition for the time spent apart, and not being there at landmark moments, “Together” features singer Dave Farver behind the microphone. Farver is the guy to have in a song like this. Buzzing in his voice are the mechanics of a rocker that’s had his fair share of epic stage nights, of long nights playing for all sizes of crowds. His voice has a bit of the cigarette-filled-room affects, almost as much as it possesses as the mark of a crooner. He’s warm and he’s edgy all-at-once. The chorus – I just want to hear you say, we’ll be together, we will be together – is catchy. Farver, sounding like Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty and Jesse Katsopolis from Jesse and The Rippers (yes, from Full House), is magnetic.

It’s even more enjoyable when you let in the drums and guitars. The bass guitar – subtle as always – keeps time with exceptional drums. The guitar, a wicked lick that also bleeds like a red rose, is hauntingly beautiful. I wanted more of the guitar, but instead got an even lovelier piano bed. An interesting twist, to say the least. The piano tones felt organic and progressed to a higher emotion and sort of sashayed the listener out into the ethers. I loved this ending of the song. It’s swan song exit is just the sort of touch that Farver’s voice matches. Farver is joined in the band by Michael Mesey (drums), Bob Guion (bass guitar) and Matt Arana (lead guitar). Mesey is listed as the writer behind “Together”. And, lack for a better word, ‘together’ American Greed embodies a group of musicians that have lent their talents to such greats as Chuck Berry and MeshSTL; individually they have received Hollywood Producer Choice Awards, LA Music Awards and Hollywood Walk of Fame awards.

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The verdict? “Together” is on the cusp of something big. I think this song has the legs to really get traction on terrestrial rock radio and perhaps adult contemporary. Time will certainly tell, but it’s bands like American Greed that keep the rock genre running like a finely-tuned machine. It’s nice to have a slower ride once-in-awhile and “Together” is that Sunday drive that we all need. Heartfelt and still getting that adrenaline flowing, “Together” could be American Greed’s signature hit with its winning combination. It has that American rock and roll soul fever to it, that grit and elbow grease in the backing music and the sensitive voice out front crooning. “Together” is a triumph for American Greed.

Michael Rand

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