Dawg Gone Davis – Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style by Kyle Blakey


Rebecca Rogers Davis’ sideline musical career has produced a memorable single with “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” that reaches far beyond being a mere gimmick song and, instead, qualifies as one of the best musical humor numbers released in some time. Davis is an IT project manager in her full time work, but there’s no apparent discomfort in her segueing over into a musical role and the pawing, fun loving edge in her performance is appreciated in a genre that rarely explores this sort of comedic potential. It’s a truly DIY effort, but there’s ready made commercial appeal fueling the song and a lack of affectation sharply separating her from her pack of contemporaries. One shouldn’t take the song too seriously, but there is definitely some adult sophistication informing its writing and construction distinguishing it from the merely humorous.


The song’s synthesizer sounds is muted compared to Davis’ voice, but not so much so that it throws the entire track off balance. Everything about the musical presentation is clearly pre-programmed and electronic in nature, but what it sacrifices in an organic presentation it does not surrender in its warm, inviting sound quite appropriate to the lyrics and her vocal sound. Her personality comes through in every line of the song and it’s to her credit as a performer that she never stresses the lines in such a way that they come off overwrought to listeners. “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” could have sank into sophomoric humor, but Davis is too talented to let that happen and instead takes us on a rollicking ride, never too serious, that lasts just long enough to be as entertaining as possible. She possesses an easy confidence coming across in each phrase and it’s deeply in tune with the song’s musical trajectory.


Her writing is another highlight for the song. “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” has a light, loose swagger from the first and the words line up in a very percussive way with the song’s rhythm track. There’s specificity in the lyrics that makes it a more personal song than you might think, but “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” has an universal appeal arising from its common ground shared with many listeners and, naturally, its robust humor. Rebecca Rogers Davis’ ride as Dawg Gone Davis has just begun and there’s ample talent in this track to hint she may have additional aces up her sleeve in the future. “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” keeps itself brief and Davis makes a stunning impact in that short space that never lacks for entertainment value or musical merits. Dawg Gone Davis will, undoubtedly, experience considerable success on the backs of this song and all of it is rightly deserved; her future burns even brighter and we can only hope she’s just starting off with an interesting second career.


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