Building Brand Communities by Carrie Melissa Jones & Charles H. Vogl

What a fresh and rewarding read! If I mentioned that I’ve felt that call of tears in the middle of the night, and heard the cry of introverted friends who weren’t up to the social graces expected in life situations, would I be revealing too much?

The sense of belonging and participating in a vast  unknown community can be overwhelming, but once you’ve networked your way in and found  your place, being part of that same community can lift you up.

The big reveal for me in this book was the self-intentioned leadership of well-meaning souls who weren’t originally leaders. They grew to lead… They found their voices and stepped up when they were shown where they needed to be. From feel good emotional connection to shared experiences, the viewpoints expressed in the book are welcoming and affirming, akin to walking into a church where you’re immediately thought of as family.


The kinship and balance construed throughout the book were appealing and friendly. I loved reading the stories that reinforced the beliefs of the authors. Their interviews of others and story sharing tactics helped with understanding the purpose and motivation behind the writing of the book. But more, I believe those shares and feels will be helpful to the reader who will be applying principles of the book in their life experience.

Many times during reading, I felt the cozy embrace of the authors circling around me in a tight squeeze, asserting that life isn’t always good, but it’s all okay. I’ll survive this next strike too. And that kind of feels can’t come from random thoughts. They are bred out of an abundance of loving motivation and useful ideologies.

I particularly want to mention the warm and innovative way the authors combined marketing ideas with building community and incentivizing rewards when goals were met. It just felt good to be part of such novel concepts. I didn’t feel like I was being forced to comply, but rather as if I were being invited to share. That transformative power of passive invitation rather than a brutal call to action, compelling me to become part of the masses felt friendlier to me.


I believe Building Brand Communities has a proven solution for the up and growing economy we’ll be building over the next several years. With everything that’s happened in our society, I believe we all should be sharing better ways to come together and rebuild our communities with qualified leaders who are willing to step up and learn new skills. I truly believe that anyone who wants a more relevant position in our social culture should be reading and applying the principles of this book into their lives. By adding such a modern twist to basic business values, we can change the world to a better place to live and do business.

With all the influencers and idea makers mentioned in the book, I found one that particularly touched my heart. Danielle Maveal mentioned a small start-up team on Etsy. Training for support and helpful marketing to help solve member problems really made me think that we can all make a bigger impact in our own world through using these techniques and ideas.

Kendall Townsend, posted by Michael Rand

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