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The Austin, Texas trio Buenos Diaz, led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Nick Diaz, has established a reputation as one of the pre-eminent creative rock bands working on the indie scene today and the quality of their music is such they could burst through into the mainstream at any moment given some timely breaks. Their latest studio album release Gringo Novelas II, the band’s fifth collection due for release in December, promises to be their best yet based on its first single “Give Me One Chance”, and Diaz’s continuing evolution as a songwriter and musician leads the way. It isn’t a band you can readily pigeonhole as, stylistically, Diaz and his cohorts take chances with the band’s songs many other bands shy away from due to limitations in skill or imagination. “Give Me One Chance”, however, falls in line as a clear cut guitar rock track with fine lyrics and a gloriously visceral, unbridled song that, nevertheless, simmers with intelligence and thoughtful artistry.

It isn’t a given that even the most talented bands or singer/songwriters can still sound so fresh five albums deep into their existence. Nick Diaz and his fellow band members, however, are obviously still tightly connected to the original impulse driving them to create and that quality shines through during every minute of this song. The muscular drumming, slashing guitar chords, and the right amount of incendiary lead guitar are crucial ingredients for making “Give Me One Chance” such a memorable musical moment, but the added intelligence behind the writing, especially lyrical, rounds this off into a fully realized example of five star song craft. There are no cheap short cuts, no pandering for the audience’s attention. Like the best performers and bands in this style, Buenos Diaz clearly writes and records music for themselves first and foremost, but this is also a song reaching out and looking to communicate.

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You can hear it in Nick Diaz’s vocal, if nowhere else, and he brings a potent amount of desperation to the chorus to help send the song over the top. There’s a steady amplification of feeling leading listeners to the song’s climatic moments, but it’s carefully modulated throughout. Rambunctious though it might be, the band never lets the song get away from them and threads its shifts from verse to bridge to chorus and back again with a steady veteran hand. Songwriting growth isn’t always a case of bursting through boundaries into new modes of expression; sometimes it comes down to a songwriter simply refining their art over time while still maintaining the original guiding spirit prompting them to create in the first place.

The song’s immense sound, crackling with live chemistry, is the clearest manifestation of that spirit. “Give Me One Chance” has a desperate go for broke gait implied by its desperate title and the desire and yearning burning through both the vocals and music is impossible to ignore. The first single from Gringos Novelas II hits like a rock song should, with a sense of something crucially important at stake, and engages listeners from the outset. You can scarcely hope or ask for anything more.

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