Brian Hutson – Anything Can Happen

Brian Hutson – Anything Can Happen


The musical, vocal, and lyric strengths driving Brian Hutson’s new single “Anything Can Happen” is a continuation of a successful string of releases since Hutson first emerged on the scene in 2015. Hutson has moved from an impressive first single helmed by producer Joe Vulpis into a debut EP experiencing tremendous commercial and critical success that now culminates, as a first salvo in his post debut career, with a marvelous follow up single “Anything Can Happen”. The song’s association with Valentine’s Day is, ultimately, meaningless – he could have released this tune on September 3rd and the impact would still be the same. A great song is a great song no matter when and “Anything Can Happen” rates among the best tracks we’ve yet heard from Brian Hutson with a superb supporting and sympathetic supporting cast along with the top notch production we’ve come to expect from everything he puts out.

“Anything Can Happen” unfolds like a short story in musical form. There’s a clear beginning, middle, and ending to this song that illustrates the same level of masterful construction distinguishing Hutson’s earlier songs. His techniques are becoming ever more complex and refined as he finds his footing more and more, but it’s an unique complexity in that it takes still takes the shortest and most effective route from point A to B while managing to weaving an increasing number of musical strains into a coherent and colorful whole. The song runs two minutes fifty seconds long, but I never felt cheated hearing the tune and, instead, marvel at how much musicality it can hold without running longer. Hutson and his cohorts make it sound effortless and bring it together with the confidence of an unit who seem to have been playing together for sometime despite the tune’s studio origins.

It’s particularly tasty how the drums and bass give the song some unexpected gravitas despite never being unduly busy. Their entrance into the track is one of the pivotal moments in the entire performance thanks to the immediate drama it introduces to the proceedings but they never land with a heavy hand in the tune and play their part accordingly. Their sound is dominated by the same warm ambiance distinguishing the other instruments and the acoustic guitar, particularly, achieves a resonance in the recording that’s impossible to ignore or dislike. The crystalline beauty of the guitar work is one of the song’s undoubted music highlights. All in all, “Anything Can Happen” is far more than a holiday number and deserves mention as one of the best pop singles released in recent memory. Brian Hutson’s work is going to get more and more of the attention it deserves if he maintains this same high level of quality and there’s nothing here to indicate he won’t do so. Instead, this comes off as one of the peak moments all singers and musicians hope for in their careers.


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