Aaron Dean – “Heaven Please Rewind”

The finer things and the sadder things are what make music one of the most fulfilling art forms, and Aaron Dean serves up a little of both on the heartfelt single – “Heaven Please Rewind” with a pleasing contemplative number. And having nothing much to cull from when I heard it, and still knowing nothing about Dean to speak of, it gets top marks in the process of that anyway. It only goes to shoe how good first impressions can be, but Dean’s fans around the Alberta area and beyond know the rest of the story yet to unfold with more music ahead.

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Inspired by lyricists such as Eric Church and Chris Stapleton with some older school Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, is one claim to his credit and “Heaven Please Rewind” mashes them well together without copying or even paying tribute to them. The mic is all Dean’s here, to make it clear and present he’s an original with his own path to travel, and this track shows it to be one of a spiritual nature during a dark era. The reason it gets through is because it doesn’t hold anything back for all to hear, almost like catching lightning in a bottle.

These words are very to the point and “Heaven Please Rewind” is very- simple, but simplicity is key and goes the extra mile here. The music easily fits mainstream and classic country radio, both with up front placement calling its name. The way Dean sings, is like a blue-eyed country soul singer with a passion for traditional and modern country singing/songwriting and guitar playing. His voice is also accented by some higher background notes for the ultimately louder parts, which lifts the song up and takes it to the ears of its destination. These two voices are a magical force together, and I’m sure credit is given where credit is due.

I could be wrong, but I will find out in due time about the particulars concerning other’s Dean works with, but I would name drop everyone involved in this song, I would. I do think “Heaven Please Rewind” is an awesome eye and ear opener for anyone up for music in the Covid-19 blues year, but I am not trying to be bias. As much as I love country music, I also see where it takes a turn into other musical categories, so it goes beyond my own musical range.

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The consensus between most I know would likely be that “Heaven please Rewind” is good, but I am of the opinion it is fantastic and it’s important to pint out that it is worth its weight in gold. I have been listening to a lot of new country releases over the last two years and this keeps up with the best of ‘em, and it keeps my eye on the ball for more of Dean’s music. The immediate encore always tells me I’ll be spending more time listening to this one than already invested, it beats the depressing backdrop, thanks to Aaron Dean.

Michael Rand

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