Singer/Songwriter Raquel Kiaraa – Dear Jesus

Singer/songwriter Raquel Kiaraa brings to light one of the year’s most beautiful and emotionally rich tracks in “Dear Jesus”. A singer with much more amplification and power to her voice, Kiaraa tones it down to the perfect range. “Dear Jesus” is justifiably contained. Kiaraa’s smooth, rich voice hovers over a delicate, moving piano. “Dear Jesus” is a letter to the universe, a plea most high, for strength and guidance. Listeners of all faith and creed will fine Kiaraa’s song divine. 


Relatively late to discovering her voice, and finding her musical gifts, Kiaraa’s a natural. I love how her voice sounds sincere and untouched by technology. I suspect the music underneath her is an electronic piano and perhaps a drum machine, but the lofty, cloud-like music bed is the perfect pedestal for such a marvelous voice. In her press materials, she provides previous comparisons to have a voice like Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine). At first I was hesitate to go down that road because often Welch really belts out faster paced, more rocking tunes. Kiaraa has a natural tenor in her voice that flutters about. It’s as if she’s singing five octaves at once, all the while, she’s staying in this secure lane. I think the song calls for this, and the emotional turmoil she’s singing of is all very positive. She makes you feel for her even though she’s not drowning the listener in sorrow. It’s full of hope and resilience. 

Whereas Welch might have some more Bohemian-chic in her voice, a bit aloof or eccentric, Kiaraa is solid and steadfast. Just as the piano is modest, her voice clings to the backing music like a wing to a bird. I don’t want to say Kiaraa’s voice is angelic – that might be a bit too exaggerated. I do think this spiritual song has a very nonsecular vibe, but Kiaraa’s vocal talents bring it an air of relatability.

I’m not sure where to run, she sings. My head is open to possibilities, she later continues. “Dear Jesus” is certainly timely in any era, and in this day in age, I suspect we will hear a flood of songs about getting through the darkness, or searching for answers. What I liked most about the song, besides the positivity, is that the lyrics are also relatable. Even if you’re not a faithful or spiritual person, I’m certain you’ve called out to the universe or to a close friend asking for insight or guidance. “Dear Jesus” can easily transport the listener to a moment in time when you were feeling let down or anxious. It’s nice to put Kiaraa’s voice with these words – she nails it. 


“Dear Jesus” is ready to be embraced. Kiaraa brings something magical to the table. This song is definitely worth a spin. If you’re looking for a song to emotionally connect-the-dots for what you’re going through in life, it’s sure nice to know you’re not alone. Kiaraa makes the world seem a little less strange, a little less frightening in her wonderful “Dear Jesus”. 

Michael Rand

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