Logan Curtis “Phoenix Risen”

High fashion commercial model, actor, and producer Logan Curtis proudly runs his own production company entitled “Phoenix Risen”, an enterprise dedicated to the celebration of fashion, music, film, and the arts.

Aside from being one of the nicest people on the planet, Logan himself is immersed in the arts. Coming off of New York Fashion Week where he relentlessly and literally had no more than 2/3 hours of sleep a night, he made sure all of his productions as well as those of others went off without a hitch. He ended the week with a magical after party at his residence in the penthouse of the London Hotel, an event filled with celebrities in the fashion and music world.

I coaxed him out of his busy schedule in order that he might share what he and “Phoenix Risen” offers the world…….

Let’s talk about your fabulous production company, “Phoenix Risen”…. what do you produce? 

 Phoenix Risen Studios is my new production house. We work closely with the fashion, film, television, and music industries to create innovative video and film products along with event planning and marketing strategies. Our crew joins us from all aspects of the entertainment world and most own their own companies and brands. We select each of our artisans and match them to specific projects where their talent can shine.

You’ve come off of New York Fashion Week, what were some of your favorite highlights?

 This fashion season was an epic one for Phoenix Risen! Most notable was the Meals on Wheels benefit you brought me in to assist!! Rare to meet so many talented individuals in one evening that truly make a difference in their chosen fields.

You have a history in the fashion world, what was the inspiration that led you to become a fashion epic?

 A Fashion Epic? Hahaha I love that! I’ve always strived to “Look Sharp” and over the years have developed my own sense of style that seems to work. What is truly surreal for me is to have major players like Getty show up to photograph me specifically!

 Are you currently involved in any new projects that you are free to talk about?

 I just returned from Vancouver Fashion Week as producer for Emily Prozinski’s brand EmulEos. We created a new video for her “Tougher than Diamonds” new line we have incorporated into her runway events.

I’m working with Director of Photography, Logan O’Neill, on a documentary of the life and art of world renowned sculptor, Jas Griego in San Francisco. This will be an epic story told through film, interviews, and editorial photoshoots of this creative genius.

  You, yourself are a commercial model and actor, what’s new for Logan currently?

 I have spent much time behind the scenes of late, but several unique shoot concepts have been pushed in my direction! Wonderful thing about this industry is something Big could be right around the corner so just hang in there!

 What advice would you give an up and coming fashion designer?

 I’m amazed and humbled to work alongside so many legendary industry folks and talents! Every day is challenging and my crew makes it happen. Many thanks to AnnaJae Styles, Logan O’Neill, Christian Sales, Dre Solo and Lamarr Drumm.


 by Eileen Shapiro 

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