“Aloha Salsa” by Vox

“Aloha Salsa” by VoxSomehow, throughout his many travels, Vox has managed to write and record his latest single, “Aloha Salsa.” The inspiration behind the song is something of a complete accident. Vox was actually on his way to Spain, when he learned that his friend and colleague had made her way to Hawaii. Having formerly worked on her campaign for the Senate, Vox decided to call a last second audible and visit his friend. It certainly seems to have been a fortuitous occurrence, as Vox was touched by the muse upon his visit to Honolulu.

“Aloha Salsa” is of course a tribute to the art of Salsa, but more specifically perhaps, a nod to the Rumba. It’s not clear if Vox was familiar with the dance before coming to Hawaii. If he were only recently introduced to it, then he is indeed a quick study. The song is a melting pot of a few elements, including World Music, Salsa, and Dance. More than anything, Vox seems to be striving to capture the essence of the Island.

Vox kept a journal, with an incredibly detailed account of his time, before and after arriving in Honolulu. He has a decidedly unique perspective, and can be rather matter of fact, when it comes to his observations. He sounds like a romantic at heart, and traces of that trait can be found on “Aloha Salsa.” What’s impressive about Vox is that he seems less driven to create solely for himself, and much more motivated to create something that benefits others. His work is a communal effort, something that his wanderlust has likely urged him to pursue.

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The video for “Aloha Salsa” is rather tantamount to the song itself. Because his message is better served by visual representation, we get a clearer understanding from the music video for “Aloha Salsa.” The video is a bit all over the place, but is still easy to follow. The alacrity that Vox exudes in the video is next level. He is nothing short of exuberant in every single scene, and the landscape is impossibly gorgeous. By the end of the video you’ll be convinced that Honolulu is actually the most magical place on Earth.

If you’re looking for a tropical Summer soiree, then “Aloha Salsa” should be the premiere track on your playlist. Vox has made an addition to the soundtrack of the ultimate getaway, that only grows more persuasive with each listen. For it to be by complete chance that he ended up on the Island, is the work of something divine. Chances are, you’ll also want to take up Salsa and learn the basics of the Rumba, after experiencing this piece. “Aloha Salsa” is now available for streaming platforms, and for download. You can also check out the music video for the song on YouTube.

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