“Admit Nothing! Deny Everything! Lie! Lie! Lie!” by King Goon

King Goon has us all just as excited for their forthcoming debut LP, as they are. Admit Nothing! Deny Everything! Lie! Lie! Lie!, a title that leaves little to question, is an 11 song album that marries Punk and Ska with a little folklore along the way. With astounding hooks, brilliantly composed tracks, and surprisingly strong melodies, this may be one of the strongest releases of 2022, so far. The official release date is Mar 25, and KG is already riding a wave of momentum. They released played an arena show in the town that they formed, Swansea, and the current period seems charmed for the lads and lass.

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The slightly Bowieesque, “Eyes Everywhere Eyes,” features dreamy guitars and a rather subdued melody, initially. There’s a twist around the 2 minute mark that I won’t spoil here, but let’s just say you should keep a finger on your volume control. This one is for all the conspiracy theorists out there, and reminds us the old adage, just because you’re paranoid…”Beauts and Consequences “ calls out all gaslighters, with a recalcitrant declaration of “you don’t scare me!” One of the most lively tracks on the album, this one cannot be skipped.

“Call It A Day” seems like a call to all laborers or perhaps their employers to stop giving so much for so little, or vice versa. This is an example of a song that flexes a much different energy than the subject matter. There’s a strong statement being made, in a rather innocuous package. There’s no justice in a mob/there’s no wisdom in a mob, is a lyric that may be one of the most important written in modern times. We’ve seen people strive for empowerment within the confines of a group mentality, becoming the very monsters they claim to be railing against. “Just Whose Side Are You On” is a song that needed to be written, and we can thank King Goon for doing so.

“Gambling Fool” is for all intents and purposes the first single from the record. Though it’s not necessary as immediate as some of the other tracks, “Gambling Fool,” has a certain swagger to it. I found it impossible to get the chorus out of my head, it is most elegantly true/the house will always call on you. “Gambling Fool” is unquestionably one of the album’s defining tracks. The band will be offering both an edited and uncut version of the song.

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Admit Nothing! Deny Everything! Lie! Lie! Lie! is yet another indicator that the era of the album is dawning, once again. The anticipation for this record is akin to what it must have been like in the 70’s for bands like Jethro Tull or The Who. That may seem like a strange comparison to King Goon, but it’s the notion that matters. A world that is starving for deeply layered, and uniquely imagined art is being satiated by groups such as King Goon. Do yourself and the future of original music a favor by checking out the newest King Goon record on Mar 25.

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