7th & Hope (Patricia Bahia and Betty Lawrence) “Brand New Day” (SINGLE)

Songs that give you that steppingstone to your day, that extra pep in your step always feel unstoppable. The new song “Brand New Day” from 7th & Hope is the euphoric tune that pours a ray of sunshine in each measure. Featuring a contagious chorus, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear if “Brand New Day” became the theme song for the national morning program, Good Morning America. Give it your best – face the day with the exuberant pop singalong “Brand New Day”. 

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Patricia Bahia and Betty Lawrence make up the duo 7th & Hope. Bahia is based in Los Angeles; Lawrence is based in London. The international synergy is solid – “Brand New Day” is an inspiring pop song with multiple layers of full sound, and even heartier vocals. When the two voices collide, it’s as if time stops. You can’t break away from their joy. 7th & Hope were named finalists in 2017 and 2018 in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, took home a grand prize accolades in the West Coast Songwriters International Songwriting Contest in 2018, garnered a 2019 Positive Music Award and a Peace Song Award (also in 2019). Their songs have been heard on MTV programming, The Hallmark Channel and Netflix. In other words, the world has caught onto their talents and wonderful sound. 

I loved the lines: it was getting so dark in the place that I’m in, it’s been a long time coming but I’m ready to start again. Ready to start again…What a relatable way of saying that life can get overwhelming, that it feels like only darkness accompanies our path. We have to find the light. I think that song really hits home with me, and immediately puts me in a good mood. That line also reminds me of toxic people and how sometimes you just need to push them aside, take them out of the equation. In a relationship or not, there are people that weigh us down, that we allow (or they push) us to be in sour moods. This song has such a positive and optimistic disposition, that you forget your troubles. I have a soft spot for pop songs, this is true, but this one feels bigger. It feels like it could become a song that is shared across generational lines. No boundaries! The love is just oozing from their voices, and the upbeat tempo. 

The zippy beat, like the sound a piece of flint and fire spark might make, is fun. It didn’t feel bogged down, or too heavy. It’s just the right spring to get you out of bed. Normally people that are too happy and always smiling freak me out just a bit, but in this case, if that person were humming along to this beat, and grooving to “Brand New Day” I would give them a free pass. “Brand New Day” is pretty tops by my standards. And, I think 7th & Hope have earned their street cred – not only do they write great songs, but they also make you feel good. 

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