“Don’t Give Me No” from Side FX (feat. Kim Cameron)

“Don’t Give Me No” is the kind of electronic song that pounces on the listener. From the first emerging vibrations to the trance-like rhythms, “Don’t Give Me No” from Side FX features the beguiling songstress, Kim Cameron. Club ready and made for the dance floor, any listener can escape into Cameron’s hauntingly beautiful harmonies. A song that bends wavelengths and has manicured beats, “Don’t Give Me No” is lyrically intriguing. One thing is for sure, though, this song has a beat that just doesn’t quit. 

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Cameron’s vocals echo the nostalgia of Eurodance hits like “Strike It Up” (Black Box), “Everybody Everybody” (Black Box) and the brighter “Touch Me All (Night Long)” (Cathy Dennis). The vibrant and sometimes atmospheric beats elevate her voice all the more and bring out the rouge and purple tones in her vocal delivery. I found her voice to be incredibly intriguing and possessing a perfect mix of sexual tension and captivating warmth. She’s exotic and wholesome all-at-once. As the song flowed, so did the storytelling in her voice. Cameron had the perfect emotional outpouring to impress upon the listener that there is heartbreak. Something in her delivery suggests she’s had enough. Or perhaps she’s playing coy and trying to manipulate the situation. I think not knowing kept me listening again and again. 

If you isolate the music bed, “Don’t Me Give Me No” is a potent blend of modern clicks and a runway marked with feverish zips and drops. It’s a cobalt blend that compliments Cameron’s voice. It made me feel like I was ready for a night out on the town, and it also made me feel like there were various sonic pathways to explore just a bit longer. The music bed lingered. The lasting residue is polished, with just enough breathing room to feel like it’s not all computers and technology. I mean, I know it is, but as a listener I have to expect some of that organic elbow grease being shoved into the final product. This track held my attention, and I was happily riding shotgun to the wonderful trek. Even if you’re not a die-hard electronic or EDM fan, and you like some pop music with your trance tracks, “Don’t Give Me No” is the tune for you. 

The award-winning Cameron has a track record that is clear – her voice is destined for bigger plans. “Don’t Give Me No” isn’t just par for the course for this Mediabase and Billboard charting artist, either. The singer/songwriter behind hits like “Let’s Fall In Love”, “Now You’re Mine” and “Man I Used To Know” proves in “Don’t Give Me No” that her voice continues to awe and intrigue. Cameron consistently shows audiences that she evolves and elevates her voice with each outing. I found myself and still find myself cheering for her and her artistry. She certainly continues to leave her mark in music and offers her listener a wide swath of emotions. “Don’t Give Me No” turns heads and gets the hips shaking. It’s dance ready and dance house approved. 

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