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Music is the most powerful force that we’ve got on this earth. Within its reach, relationships, perspectives and motivations can be shifted inside of a split second. In music, words become less important as tonality and its ability to evoke feelings from deep inside our souls take precedence. Good musicians are a lot like real life wizards; they’re able to harness the absurd amount of power and channel it into something that is positive and healthy for humankind. Great musicians take things even a step further, influencing the power itself with their own concepts of love, introspection and expression itself. Few bands are as good at owning their own narrative of expression as Elsewhere is, and although they’ve been around to see more trends come and go than most active, touring acts ever will, they haven’t become jaded by what they’ve witnessed. It’s all been a part of their journey and has led to the magnificence that can be found in their new EP Multi-Man, which is scheduled for international release this August.

Multi-Man is a sprawling, atmospheric record – far more than what I’d expect out of a five track extended play. In many ways it feels more like a progressive rock album than it does a handful of punk-inspired bursts of energy, and its deceptive running time doesn’t even begin to warn the audience of just how involved a listen it really is. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t call Multi-Man intellectually removed or inaccessible to the average music listener, but it is definitely an EP that hardcore music enthusiasts could spend a lot of time breaking down and analyzing. I myself prefer to simply press play, sit back and enjoy the ride, but no matter what your personal process is, Elsewhere has a way of accommodating the listener either way. There are an endless amount of textures and richly stylized tones to appreciate in each one of Multi-Man’s songs, but all of the action never gets to the point of being overwhelming or too vivacious to digest all in a single sitting.
Each time I listened to this EP I found something new to tune into about Elsewhere’s sound, and that’s really remarkable considering the volume of work they’ve released to date. Their sound has managed to stay impressively relevant and grounded to what people really love about rock n’ roll, and though time hasn’t traditionally been kind to bands that work as hard as they do, they continue to surprise even their fiercest critics with their never ending resolve and passion for their craft.

Multi-Man is evolved and futuristic in its design, but it’s also a record that stays in touch with the humble beginnings of the band and their chemistry together. I could probably write an entire article just about how enthralling Multi-Man is or how elaborately progressive Elsewhere has remained despite all of their years of laboring, or I could just tell you the honest truth; this is probably the most important rock release of 2018. Stay relevant and secure a copy for yourself; I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

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