Interview with Wheeler Del Torro

Hello Wheeler! It is great to speak with you today!

I am going to ask you some questions for our readers to get to know you a bit better!

What was the first CD you owned?

It was my birthday and I was at a summer camp for the performing arts. I received a package in the mail from my uncle that contained 5 CDs. I’m sure he got them from those people who used to let you buy them for a penny. They were all old school but they were a much needed break from what we were listening to at camp. I will never forget any of those CDs because we listened to them over and over again. Two were from Chic, “Risqué” and “Cest Chic”. One was Prince’s “Controversy”, another  Parliament’s “Funkcadelic”. You know, the album with knee deep on it. And the last one was from Chicago – “The Chicago Transit Authority”.

First concert or show you attended? 

Jonny Mathis. Obviously I didn’t sleep outside all night to get tickets or pay huge sums to a ticket scalper, but my mother dragged my brother and me to go hear him perform ‘Misty’.

Who is an artist that continually inspires you to this day? 

Nile Rodgers of Chic. He was hot in the 70’s and because he is so universally loved and has so much talent, he just made another hit a few years ago with Pharrell. He has his finger on the pulse of what music means to people and the emotions that it can inspire.

What do you feel are three traits of successful people in the music industry?

A memory. Some artists forget who helped them on their way up, forgetting those who were there for them when things weren’t so great.

Humbleness. I’ve seen artists who read their own press clippings and forget who they are and why they got into the music industry. It’s alway refreshing to see artists, producers and performers stay humble.

Fearlessness. It’s what an artist needs to keep being amazing. It’s easy to keep doing the same songs that everyone expects from you. But it takes courage to challenge yourself as an artist.

What does ‘making it’ mean to you?

‘Making it’ to me is every time a person shares one of my songs with a friend or buys a ticket for a family member to join them at one of my shows. My goal as an artist isn’t about making as much money as I can, it is about creating art that is so interesting that people share it with their friends and family.

How do you find peace in an often chaotic world?

I find peace by writing and expressing my emotions about what is going on in our society today. Giving myself the space and time to just sit and write actually helps me stay grounded and at peace.

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you.

You can always find me at my (Instagram @wdeltorro or on one of my websites: or

End of Interview

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