5 Ways to Make Ends Meet as an Out-Of-Work Entertainer

Not everyone that works in the entertainment industry pulls in the same salary as Lady Gaga or Matthew McConaughey. And that has left many of us scrambling for ways to make ends meet. So whether you are a $40,000 per year cameraman or an unknown assistant, you still have to support yourself and your family. Fortunately, your industry does give you an edge, and here are five different ways you can use your penchant for creativity to your advantage.

Do voiceovers for business videos.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses have funneled money into marketing. This is an excellent way for them to stay engaged with their clients until doors open back up. Depending on your experience and comfort with the microphone, you may be able to pick up a few side gigs doing voice overs. Another option is to find work during voice overs for animation, and you can find companies looking to hire anime voice actors on online staffing platforms like Upwork.

Keep in mind that many small business owners don’t have the equipment or the vocal poise to pull off a clear and concise instructional monologue. Even if you don’t have these things handy yourself, a small investment coupled with your current knowledge, can give you the tools you need to earn a respectable, if temporary, income.

Get into creative writing.

Creative writing takes many forms, and your words are valuable. This is another area that falls under the scope of marketing. If you have skills as a wordsmith, businesses will happily pay you to write emails, blog posts, and e-books, the latter of which Authority Publishing notes that business owners use to create buzz and distribute information to media personnel. You can do this work remotely, so you don’t even have to leave the house to offer these services. You can find creative writing jobs on freelance job platforms. 

Make documentaries.

Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do. Make a documentary about your life and share it across your social media or YouTube channel. This will require some legwork before you begin to amass enough subscribers for affiliate marketing, but filming and cataloging your story is also a great way to network with other creative professionals while honing your skills. Trust that the people of the internet will give you plenty of feedback, which can guide you in the right direction should you ever want to monetize on your life’s narratives. Filmmaker Magazine offers more advice on how to sell your indie video series, including knowing your audience and getting a sales agent. DIY Film Composer also offers some tips on composing your own music for your film.

Become a celebrity.

If you’ve enjoyed any screen time or have credits in your name, you may be able to capitalize on this fame no matter how minor. People love celebrities, so look for opportunities to join community events where you can turn yourself into one, even if you are not on that path now. Public speaking, Facebook live sessions, signing autographs at conventions, and offering photo ops – especially if you are a  minor wrestler or athlete – may not make you rich, but it will keep your name in the public eye if that is your desire.

Teach an acting class.

You have skills, and there is an entire generation of children who want them. You can use your experience in the entertainment industry to teach an acting class or, depending on your area of expertise, magic, physical conditioning, or comedy. You can offer classes online or, once social distancing restrictions are lifted, in person.

It may take a while before production picks up, but that does not stop the bills from coming in. While your job may be to entertain or to support those that do, your priorities are to stay financially afloat and keep your skills sharp until it’s time to reenter the workforce. This is just a small selection of possibilities. If you’re looking for more, look at your resume for inspiration.

And don’t neglect the importance of marketing to achieve your goals. The Mob’s Press can create a custom marketing plan for you through email marketing, promotional campaigns, or social media campaigns.  

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