“26 Letters” by Luckie Boy

The heart wants what it wants – and for singer/songwriter Luckie Boy, absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder. In the dynamic single “26 Letters” Luckie Boy professes his love of his far away love. It’s a song with a groove and a solid storyline. It’s also the third time Luckie Boy has teamed up with famed songwriter Thornton Cline. 

At the age of 20, Luckie Boy moved from Indiana to Nashville. I think that journey, that momentous life change comes across in this song. On the surface, it’s very romantic and two star-crossed lovers are enjoying a long-distance relationship. The lyrics aren’t that specific, and leave some room for interpretation, but when I listened to “26 Letters” I wandered if it had more to do with Luckie Boy leaving than the girl in the story leaving. It could go either way. Luckie Boy’s optimism is contagious. One can guess that by his moniker that he’s a younger artist and he really presents an untethered approach. His voice maintains a certain spark, an untouchable array of energy. When he sings, the music bed flutters about, shooting and sputtering across the soundscape like a bouncy lightning bug. 

This song transforms itself from being a run-of-the-mill pop song to a pop/dance track pretty quickly. Luckie Boy wastes little time in setting the stage for fun, again that bouncy beat that sets the tone. Luckie Boy is charismatic, he’s taking some small leaps in terms of a pop song. I thought the music had some dimension. I think the lyrics are catchy and the chorus has a great hook. I would expect nothing less – the two previous songs Luckie Boy and Cline collaborated on, “Cry Myself To Sleep” and “Hourglass” are also stunners. Cline is unstoppable when it comes to writing hits and his songs have been recorded by a who’s who of music. The list includes Engelbert Humperdinck, Gloria Gaynor, Gary Puckett, The Anchormen and a slew of others. Cline is also a 2017 Maxy Literary Award winner for “Best Children’s Young Adult Book”. It’s clear that Luckie Boy and Cline have connected to that mindset of a younger person, first starting out in a relationship. The way the words are expressed are very fun and light. I wasn’t bogged down in despair or worry. It felt like all was going to be right in the world and this song turned the page to bigger and better things.

I do think older couples or more experienced adults can learn from this song, too. For one thing, it definitely has a happy vibe. This song transports the listener to a place of the heart; it’s like returning to a summer memory and falling in love for the first time. The world seemed clearer, almost brighter. Those feelings are transmitted in “26 Letters”. I also think fans of EDM will like this. Now, bear in mind, this isn’t a straight trance or house music song, but it definitely opens the door. It would make for a killer mix, or super addition to a hot playlist. 

Michael Rand

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