Rapper/Songwritter/Producer Dici Drops New Single

With the look of a romance novel cover model, Dici is a striking sight, to say the least. He’s originally from Italy, but currently calls, Miami, home. He’s also kind of big in Japan, as he’s spent a bit of time there, even learning the language. Couple all of this with the fact that he isn’t even legally allowed to drink, yet, and you’ll begin to see a bit of an anomaly. Of course, the reason we’re really here to discuss, Dici, is his music.

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Dici is a self-produced Rapper and Songwriter, and his newest single, “u n i” is an adrenaline fueled affair. Using Brazilian style guitars to open the track, Dici then immediately launches into a verbal onslaught. The whole thing is over, before you know it, but not before Dici leaves a dizzying impression. The song’s theme is centered around the one Dici wishes he could be spending his time. It’s almost like a modern day, “I Melt With You,” albeit with a generational facelift.

It’s not the best mix from Dici, but with such a hyper-charged pace, it’s slightly less noticeable. You get the impression that Dici has just discovered System Of A Down. Still, the track as whole is a fun and enjoyable ride, and in some ways, motivating and inspiring. It’s always encouraging to hear artist’s taking risks, and that’s certainly the case, here. After hearing “u n i,” you might be left reeling, in the best possible way.

For all of his haecceity, Dici has never really had a defining track that reflects it. He may just have achieved such a novelty, with “u n i.” Don’t know what I’m doing tonight/feel like a zombie or a monsta/I’m off the weed/I’m a rasta. It’s never been clearer just how obsessive that Dici is when it come to his art, than now. His console is his laboratory, and his creations, monstrosities of his uncompromising sense of perfectionism.

Also contained inside the lyrics of “u n i” is Dici’s lingering identity crisis. He makes reference to his indecision, with regards to how he views himself as a vocalist. With one foot, firmly in Hip Hop, new influences continue to bombard his consciousness, potentially pushing him in a different direction. As for now, Dici is officially a Rapper. His description does seem apt to change, as time goes by.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/u-n-i/1594429535?i=1594430106

This track is likely to create some buzz for Dicj, who is on a steady, but upward trajectory. You just never know what to expect from him, and it’s proving to be an exciting dynamic. It’s essential  for the maturity of Dici’s content to grow, but truth be told, he’s right where he needs to be. If you’re looking for something unique, and/or to get a guaranteed reaction from your friends, “u n i,” is highly recommended. You may find something similar to it, but you won’t find anything close to how Dici does it. Of course, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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