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Ægir is an Icelandic songwriter who uses creative outlets to keep his body and mind at peace, maybe inspiring one or two people along the way.

The cinematic-pop music maestro is unveiling his latest single “I’m At Home”. Demonstrating his profound connection to Icelandic nature, the track opens without a moment’s hesitation — cascading melodic synths, jangly guitars and a pulsing rock groove, propelling the track into the beginning of an emotive sonic escapade. Complete with dynamic peaks and valleys that mirror the Land of Fire And Ice, Ragnar’s ability to transport listeners somewhere else can’t be understated.

Now based in Germany, “I’m At Home” narrates the songwriter’s feeling of being homesick, particularly during the pandemic when travelling was forbidden. For Ragnar, the track serves as a homage to his Icelandic heritage; and embracing that liberating feeling of coming home after long periods overseas. He confides, “Landing at an airport and knowing you have a 5-hour drive to get home isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But getting to see all these amazing places on the drive back through Iceland is an incredibly refreshing feeling, and gives me and my family a newfound energy and inspiration”. 

At the track’s centre is a strong hook and heartfelt melodies that are felt and appreciated universally. With a subtle euphoria and a sense of rising new energy, the gritty guitar riffs, energised drums and stunning electric riffs all complement the hearty and full vocals. The chorus builds an almost restrained sound, mirroring the mix of emotions felt when returning home. With a mature tone, the subtleties of the excitement from his inner-child rush throughout the song, giving us all a taste and reminder of what it is to be young and carefree exploring your surroundings and appreciating every moment. 

The accompanying music video, shot by Icelandic adventure creator Ása Steinars (Mercedes Benz, Mammut, Adobe & Huawei), is flooded with stunning atmospheric shots of Iceland, allowing us to witness the journey in all its glory. Ending up at the quaint, yellow farmhouse (Ragnar’s home prior to moving to Germany), the video is a traveller’s dream, with breathtaking waterfalls, sunsets, vast ocean and huge glaciers, everything about this screams jaw-dropping. The result is a charming, familiar feel, adding to the honest and vulnerable look into Ragnar’s personal journey home.

With hundreds of thousands of streams for his music to date, an ever-growing fanbase, as well as recognition from publications around the world, Ragnar Ægir is quickly becoming an artist to watch. “I’m At Home” is the first single and title track off of the forthcoming debut EP, which will be released on Raun Music at the end of 2021.

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