Young Doctors in Love releases “In Love”

The new album from Young Doctors in Love, titled simply enough …In Love, opens on the whim of a gentle vocal melody in “Juiia” that slowly but surely hypnotizes us with its strikingly surreal melodic bandwidth. It’s a brief introduction to the firebomb single “Julianna,” which the band made a video for starring only themselves, the tools of their trade and the textures that they create when brought together in a marriage blessed by the pop gods. The beats are bouncing out of our speakers with a freewheeling swagger that leads us straight into “Jamie” in the album version of the song, but when watching the video by itself, the temptation to play the track all over again becomes increasingly hard to resist with each stately verse that makes contact with us.


“Jamie” flutters out of the ashes of “Julianna” on the whim of a forceful piano part, but quickly blossoms into a punky swing-driven song that stands on its own without anything behind the soundboard to propel it into our hearts. Its spiritual sequel, “Jamie!” has more of a rollicking groove to push it along, but it’s only a glimpse into the jazzy modulation that will frame the molten hot lyricism in “Jodie.” “Juliette” rounds out side one of the album on an ominous tone, and while its graceful grooves are as light as a feather, its pristine production quality preserves all of the powerful, understated sonic nuances carrying the vocal harmonies in the background.

“Come on and Love Me (Like You Used to Do)” welcomes a Ghostland Observatory-style irreverence into the fold, and if you weren’t dancing to any of the raucous rhythm before reaching this point in …In Love, you most definitely will be by the time you get to this track. “Could It Be That We’re Falling in Love?” glides through its soft verses on the strength of a mischievous percussive track that seems bent on getting our attention, and even through all of the layers of formidable melodicism, it ends up getting exactly what it wants. The countrified glow of the first few bars of “Would You Say That You Love Me?” produces a bittersweet serenade and a pastoral resonance that carries over into the underlying textures of “Just Give Me a Little Bit of Your Love,” but Young Doctors in Love don’t truly bring out their biggest guns until the last two tracks of …In Love.


The nine minute super-suite “You Give Me All Your Love (And It’ll Be Alright)” is my favorite song from the entirety of this album, and while it wasn’t cut with mainstream airplay in mind, its never-ending harmonious interplay between the six skilled musicians in Young Doctors in Love makes it, from my perspective, the most affective song they’ve ever recorded. …In Love reaches its conclusion in the refined ballad “If U Give Your Love to Me,” and in a chic twist in events, we find ourselves having come full-circle to where we started off in “Juiia.” The beats of this record will echo through your brain as they did mine for weeks on end after giving it that ultra-special first spin, and I’ll say that if there’s one LP that I’d recommend getting over all others this spring, it would definitely be the newest release from Young Doctors in Love.

Michael Rand

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