Yaa Yaa releases “Life” single

Yaa Yaa releases “Life” single

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The world stage has found a new star in Yaa Yaa. This artist has come into her own as she works on her first full album that is due out in 2019. Her stage presence is impressive but pales in comparison to her natural voice. Everything about this native of the Ashanti region of Ghana is natural, down to earth and real. The current single “Life” is a tribute to living life to the fullest and not letting your surroundings control you. “Life” is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

The video for “Life” was released about the same time the single started to get play. The song is a sincere tribute to both the power of the female artist and the character of the people of Ghana. The video is a glimpse into the reality of the country with a strong push for the future.  This single makes a strong presence in the world pop market. It is a rallying cry for strong females everywhere and also a feature for a role model based on both natural beauty and talent. Yaa Yaa is not an overly produced pop star, but instead someone who has chosen to stick to her roots.

“Life” follows the natural progression of Yaa Yaa’s other singles. While worldwide audiences enjoy the lyrics in English, the artist has not lost sight of her upbringing as she also uses Ywi in the songs. The single combines several musical styles including soul and R&B.  While many in the overall soul market are just getting to know Yaa Yaa, she has been a long-term face of music in Ghana. Many fans remember her early success competing on a reality television show in 2009 in Ghana.  Fans in Ghana remember Yaa Yaa’s early start under her first name of Bertha. She left her home in Kamasi with her brother Kankam to travel to Accra to audition for a television show called “Stars of the Future.” Bertha made it to the finals while her brother was not able to make it quite as far. At the end of the 2009 broadcast, Bertha was declared the winner.  With the recent win under her belt, Bertha moved to Accra to work with the television show. This jump-started her career as a singer, songwriter and also an actress. Even though she has released several singles since the show, her debut album is still in the works.  Unlike many reality television stars in the United States, the win did not mean she was going to be an automatic star worldwide. The company that managed the program also led her career for two years. It was not until after her time with Charter House that her career picked up. When Bertha dropped her first name and re-invented herself as Yaa Yaa, she also took a massive leap of faith to start her record label. As she performs as Yaa Yaa, her inner power and confidence have made leaps and bounds.  Yaa Yaa has become a symbol of hope for many in Ghana and beyond. “Life” pushes beyond the constraints of poverty that plagues many in her native land, and challenges our perceptions of success and fame.

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