“Waiting’s Never Easy” by Buenos Diaz

Waiting is never easy – but rockers Buenos Diaz have a quirky way to make listener’s feel a little less Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (“The Waiting”) and more in tune with a fresh, vivacious song in their hit “Waiting’s Never Easy.” Not a dull moment or out-of-place step in this song, the Texas band is primed for bigger audiences and exposure in the exciting “Waiting’s Never Easy.”

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Clocking-in at just over five minutes, this tune might be a bit out of place for radio, but certainly not out of the cards. The song starts out very mysteriously – a fine mix of bluesy and jazzy presentations. It’s easy to hear how a program director at a AAA or college station would play this – especially since Orville Peck is racking up time and garnering such attention. (Peck is probably a better singer, though) Lead singer Nick Diaz has a sleepy voice delivery – purposely. He’s sort of lurking in the background and letting the band do the talking in a slow-tempo build. And build it does. There are at least two times the guitar breaks out into a fever. The first changeup is intricate and so-so mellow. The drums follow along in a smooth, jazz circular motion.

The second guitar breakout is epic. It’s hard not to be so uber-focused on the backing music, to pay attention to the lyrics. That’s not to say they aren’t good. Diaz has the guitar do the heavy lifting and in short prose sings “Waiting’s never easy, when it’s this deep, when it’s this deep.” You get the sense his starting point is one of pain. Yet, he doesn’t rely on the lyrics to handle the burden. I think it’s the second guitar solo that takes over the pain, the frustrations, and capitalizes on the intense energy.

Buenos Diaz is based in Austin, Texas and according to its bio is “Urbanized New Wave Texican.” The guitar work backs up this claim and the spicy attitude and changeups are refreshingly good. They name The Black Keys, the Talking Heads and Jack White as artists they like on their

Facebook page, and as a listener, if you like these bands, you will definitely fall hard for Buenos Diaz’ “Waiting’s Never Easy.” The song truly has all the right moves and layers upon layers of artistic achievement. You won’t be able to walk away from the guitar work.

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Overall, “Waiting’s Never Easy” is a stark contract to the band’s January 2019 release “Nervous” and more recently, “Through the Clouds & The Rain It’s Paradise”. What you will find in the common thread lane is the standout guitar. You getting that yet – the guitar is god here. And, Nick Diaz seems to have an ET-phone home-like mechanism of channeling Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Aldo Nova, John Mayer all into one. The truly remarkable thing is that he’s self-taught. How’s that for passion and luck?

“Waitin’s Never Easy” is worth it and a standout track. High marks indeed for Texas’ Buenos Diaz.

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