Viiola Bloom Reaches Oblivion via “Break! (My Heart)”

Modern New Wave band Viiola Bloom reaches oblivion in “Break! (My Heart)”. An addictive track that has as many layers as a Rubik’s Cube, Viiola Bloom focuses the energy on slick synthesizers, keyboards and some high-level prose. The dynamic track leaves an exhilarating feeling, with dance and emotional discoveries sure to ensue. “Break! (My Heart)” paves the way, too, for the listener to keep Viiola Bloom on their radars. This one feels and sounds right – Viiola Bloom won’t be too indie much longer.


Viiola Bloom, the band / DJ name for Vancouver (Canada) based Andrew Muller, has been writing and recording music for 12 years. His live shows, according to his press materials, incorporate a larger-than life feel and accentuate lights and performance art. To further create the drama, the light show is powered by video mapping technology and a nine-foot tall functional robot costume. He is currently working with producer Jordan Klassen on his first album.

The listener definitely jumps into a pool of electronica and light when it comes to “Break! (My Heart)”. But if you think you’re going to miss out on the human connection, human frailty, you are mistaken. Muller’s visionary work is astoundingly connective. He conveys a sense of heart and soul, but also this fearless hope. And my heart, explode, and everything you said to me, implode, and my heart, you know, Muller delivers. He has little pauses, moments like he’s trying to really think about the words coming out of his mouth. The pace, the tempo gives it more dramatics. So take from my mind, these worthless raw, ambitions, he later sings.


All the while he’s singing, this whirlpool of synth, with dominoeing beats and drum kicks arise and levitate. His deep vocals always seem to hover over the music bed, even when the flow stops. A strange stopping point, it seems. Then, as if the song were going in reverse, or fast forwarding, a scrambled egg-like sound starts and drives to the song’s end. It’s as if the record needle ran to the end of the first side and the album needed to be flipped. This creates that balance in a way – we have two sides to our personality. We have the side that tells us to go and fall and in love and be oblivious to nonsense. We ignore the times that we give more than we receive because we’re in love. The other side, the flip side, that’s the side that is saying break away – get out of this! The head and the heart. The mind and the soul. We deal with that struggle and that yin and yang on a daily basis and no more so than when we’re in a relationship.

You can put electronics in music, and you can plug in and amplify sounds and beats, but you can’t take the human heart out of music. Viiola Bloom’s electrifying “Break! (My Heart)” has an uncanny way of creeping into your heart, giving you the urge to dance, but at the end of the day, you can’t think about anything else.

Michael Rand

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