Trevor Drury releases “Chapter 4”


This track had me from my first listen. Trevor Drury’s newest single “Chapter 4” throws off energy from the first, but goes about it in a way all its own. The unusual bass playing in the song’s introduction continues for some time and the initial quirky musical character of his latest recording sustains itself for a while before undergoing a shift. It’s a great way to raise the curtain on this song however. “Chapter 4”, at first, seems like it is going to be a spartan affair relying on a few key musical elements to hook listeners in, but those elements are there and sufficient for the task at hand.

Drury isn’t content with just that however. “Chapter 4” opens up more and more as the song moves forward, adding other instruments like assorted keyboard and synthesizer lines, drums, and a handful of guitar fills standing out in the mix. This chronicle of love and love lost takes on a grander scale as we reach the middle and second half of the song, but Drury’s voice and lyrical gifts are more than enough to match its increasing sophistication and deepening layers.

He knows how to write a pointed lyric. The words for “Chapter 4” explore well-known territory – the eulogizing impulse we feel at the end of a long term romantic relationship and how it conflicts with the longing to regain better times shared. Like any wise song of this ilk, the speaker in Drury’s song knows the latter is a fool’s errand and that what is gone is, indeed, gone. This knowledge gives “Chapter 4” much of its heartache, but Drury’s stellar vocal supplies the needed dramatic edge.


He communicates the subject matter with flashes of imagery and significant detail while also charting his emotional weather in the aftermath of the split. This is, again, customary territory, but Drury phrases things musically and lyrically with a style all his own rather than mimicking greater talents than himself. His musical daring isn’t necessarily reflected in his words, but it doesn’t need to be. Drury, instead, has crafted an intensely human story any adult listener with some life experience will connect with.

This latest sneak preview of what waits for Drury fans when he releases his multi-track effort ALICE it’s all in your head will justify the faith of his followers and entice new listeners to explore what this young artist has been building since he first debuted in 2016. “Chapter 4” will strike raw nerves for some, invoke memories for others, and transport all into an uniquely vivid musical landscape. Our brief stay in Trevor Drury’s musical imagination is well worth the modest price of purchasing this single and signals your ongoing support for musical artists looking to provide us with fresh music in an often barren era. It has the touch of magic running through its vocal and arrangement alike that all music fans listen for whether they realize it or not – let yourself be moved and enchanted by Drury’s sorcery.


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