Carlos Morgan makes writing about music an easy task


Carlos Morgan makes writing about music an easy task, which is hardly ever a thing any writer goes though when it comes down to it. But the quality of talent to be discovered in him is simply uncharted these days. “Have A Little Faith” is the new single, and it’s a remarkably great track with everything in the universe going for it. This isn’t some artist to pass on by any stretch of the word, so his music does all the talking and that’s not something to be heard across the board anymore, as you only get so much on this level to go around in the vast sea of releases coming out at a monthly rate.

Gone are the days when everyone sounded somehow this good, and that alone speaks volumes for Morgan and this new single, which should be on his next album release this fall. But the impact of this song could very well result in all sorts of activity because it reflects that much without even hearing it twice. This isn’t just something for pop and R&B fans, it’s actually-something for everyone who enjoys music from the top shelf, so to speak. You get that and so much more with Morgan it’s almost scary, but he did take more looking into to find that out, but it’s there to partake in and that is worth directing any readers to.

It used to be that you had to be this good or you didn’t get a recording contract, and that is the standard in which Morgan clearly operates, so it is simply vital to get his message to the music communities the whole world over. And I got an equal value out of watching him sing in the video for this song, which is also worth pointing out at any rate. But video only helps go the distance an artist can’t always convey in a song, and this needs no boosting that way, it just helps show who Morgan is in this instance, and it is helpful no matter how necessary. It serves up all purposes when you put it together and it impacts without reducing the music in the process.

You’ll be able to hear this song in both radio and albums edits, but they’re essentially the same song as where others can tend to overdo a single by making two songs out of one. But not with Morgan’s versatility, it’s as solid as they come in today’s landscape whether it be pop, soul, R&B oriented, which is everyone’s choice to make because it does swing through those exact genres for a defined single of the hit making variety. A radio edit only comes natural for this, because it’s so accessible it would be a loss not to fit it down for size that way.

What you hear is always what you get, and Carlos Morgan lets no one down, in fact he brings only an uplifting vibe to everything he sings and produces, it’s a truly magical thing only most artists dream of the capability it takes to pull off. Morgan’s efforts also engulf that of most when you hear him, and that is all it takes to make a big difference.


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