Trevor Drury’s “Head on the Tracks”


As an angelic piano delicately paints us a backdrop of romanticized melodies at the onset of Trevor Drury’s “Head on the Tracks,” the essence of Drury’s emotion washes over us like a tidal wave, clearing our minds of anything that might have been occupying them only seconds before. He starts to sing, and with every uttered word, the melancholy persisting in his tone spills out of our speakers and conflicts with the seductive background being cultivated by the instruments. The music seems to swell in volume as we continue forward, as does the haunting glow of the vocal track as it hovers over the piano with a chilly reverb. This unstoppable force of a song is only the latest in an ongoing string of indie hits for Drury, but it could easily be deemed his most intriguing release to date if for no other reason than its engaging multi-angle depth of evocative textures and striking lyricism. I’ve recently found myself addicted to “Head on the Tracks,” and after you give it some much-needed attention this season, I have a feeling that you will too.


Drury is a swaggering force of nature in this single, but he never comes across as self-righteous, even in the most powerful of verses. “Head on the Tracks” has a claustrophobic mix that features a vacuum effect on the bassline that literally draws us closer to the song’s nucleus with every stellar chord that it cushions. As strong a component as the bass is, the drums are equally as threatening in the chorus, taking on a violent and intrusive shape that would have completely drowned out the vocal track were it not for the perceptive placement of the piano in the arrangement. Melody isn’t as key to the formula employed in “Head on the Tracks” as sheer tonal harmonizing is, and Drury demonstrates just how capable he is when it comes to tackling virtually any sonic twist or turn that you could possibly throw in his direction here. It’s not the stoic alternative pop of “Jealousy,” but it’s nevertheless just as visceral and memorable, if not a bit more so in some spots.



Pop just got a lot more exciting with the release of Trevor Drury’s new single, and much as I had expected, “Head on the Tracks” is being well-received by critics and fans of the multitalented artist around the globe. The pressure that Drury must be under at the moment, considering all of the attention that his music has been garnering from the press and underground stalwarts, has got to be difficult to contend with, but he isn’t flinching in this song at all. In reality, he’s taking all of the success he’s found in stride and playing from his heart in the same way that he did at the start of his career, and if that’s not something to marvel at in this age of excess and self-centeredness in fame, then I really don’t know what is. Trevor Drury is at the top of his game right now, and from where I sit, his professional ascent isn’t even close to reaching its peak.


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