The Pulls Reissue of 2000’s The Damnedest Thing

The Pulls reissue of 2000’s, The Damnedest Thing, might seem overwhelming at first. Deluge promptly gives way to accommodation, though, when you allow yourself to embrace the retro punk purism. The Pulls could be described as unabashed, or even, irreverent. It’s obvious how seriously they take their Music, even if their sense of humor makes several cameos. “Too Broke To Drink” is as punk as it gets, and the flippant title grants the band instant credibility.

Musically, The Pulls show a Great deal of competence. The guitars can be obnoxious at times, insisting on themselves, but there is no throwaway noise, or indulgent posturing. The drums are frenetic, but concise and snappy. The Vocals exude true conviction, while still maintaining the caustic wail that is typically synonymous with Pop Punk. They sound like the three piece band they are, but the recordings are well layered. 


The production on the record is certainly adequate. It does seem to favor guitar and bass over Vocals at times. It’s also important to note that this is a remaster, so it would be interesting to hear the original tracks. The bass provides a sturdy dance floor, for everything else to strut. The final product often feels chaotic and supercharged, but you quickly find yourself up for the vibe. 

“In Love And Pissed Off” is probably my favorite track on the record. The title is quite literal, and the concept is hilarious, if not a bit sad. The character in the Song, feels love is burdensome, and inevitably doomed. He is furious at the notion of vulnerability, yet he realizes his resistance would be futile at this point. It’s a lot like listening to The Damnedest Thing, it may piss you off at times, but you may just fall in love in the process. 

Michael Rand

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