The Dream Logic drops “Biznasty”

The Dream Logic are a trio of veteran session players and artists. Their new track “Biznasty” is exactly what you might think it is – a deliciously oh-so-nasty party. Mopped with pristine musicianship, trying to describe the “Biznasty” genre is like playing whack-a-mole. It just doesn’t stop and take shelter in one particular style. Rather, the song is dripping with blues, funk (lots of funk), pop, rock and even jazz.  Charles Compo, Camille Gainer and Jerry Brooks make up The Dream Logic – a dream syndicate of sonic blasts.


Standing right in front of me, Compo sings. His voice is higher, loftier. He starts out with your eyes bulge out of your head, while a faint sitar or psychedelic-sounding rope unravels in the distance. The start of the song is a slower groove, before changing pace quickly. The best parts (vocally) are when Compo harmonizes with drummer and backing vocalist Gainer. I can see through, I see the things you do, their voices blend. Their voices combined, if you close your eyes, are what the sunrise might sound like. Before you know it, the electric guitar is reeking with heavy reverb. Bump, bump, bump goes Brooks’ bass guitar. The chorus, you’re biznasty, standing right in front of me, swirls its way around your ear. Compo’s vocals reminded me a little bit of Blessid Union of Souls’ Eliot Sloan (“I Believe”, “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)”). He has a smidge of falsetto. The ‘zzz’ sound Compo makes when he emphasizes ‘biz’ buzzes. Gainer’s voice has a lovely timbre, and is honey-sweet. The theme? Well, you’re guess is as good as mine. I think this song is about con artists, about not trusting the people you come across in your life. They give you false hope and falsely advertise their worth.

The gloriously full sounds comes as no surprise. These players can play. Compo is seasoned in the saxophone, flute and guitar. His vast professional career has including collaborations with The Ink Spots, The Platters and many more. Choreographer Twyla Tharp (Hair, Ragtime, Amadeus and more) commissioned Compo to compose Touch Dance. Gainer’s staggering resume includes working with Roberta Flack, Marc Cary, Cyndi Lauper, Alicia Keys and many more. She has appeared on BET, YO! MTV Raps and several other broadcasts. Brooks’ experience is also hefty, having appeared in dozens of albums and tracks over the years. His list includes Special EFX, Will Downing, Global Noize, Kim Waters and D’Angelo.

The music bed just keeps evolving and folding into each other. Like a batter, the ingredients just pile on each other one after another. I think the bass guitar gets lost in the shuffle, but like any great bass player knows, it’s there, it’s just ninja-like. When swampy guitar riffs turn into chunky frets, and when block-heavy percussions roll into thunder, you start to situate yourself into the “Biznasty” groove. It’s an ever-changing refined ruckus. It’s not enough for a band like this to define their sound – they have created a whole new movement and an entirely new musical revolution.

Michael Rand

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