Ted Hajnasiewicz releases “This Town Is Not For Me”

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Ted Hajnasiewicz comes out of Minneapolis with a special sound all his own, it’s very spiritual and undeniably awesome. His new single “This Town Is Not For Me” and it’s a mellow cut this time out, but he has a variety of different speeds to him. He’s an acoustic player but also gets downright electric when it’s called for. His voice is slightly preachy and that is the magic of it, as it goes from playful to serious at times. The new single isn’t as faith based as some of his other songs but that is really-only in the lyrical department, as there’s something for everyone who likes good music.

The area has a lot of music going for it and always has, so it’s not easy to stand out in that city, but it doesn’t mean the song is about that, it’s just where he lives and plays. His calendar can be followed at the website to keep up on his live activities, and follow social network posts, and even follow him at Spotify via the follow button which is now at artists websites everywhere.

Hajnasiewicz has something to offer listeners of many styles and genres, as well as the passionate delivery to go with it. This track adds to be the imagination and the somewhat mysterious nature of his music, which is enormously satisfying.

It plays like a sad tale of a man leaving town because he’s had enough and feels it’s had enough of him and left him lonely and cold, as the video depicts driving through the night, passing by the city lights. It’s excellent like all his music, but it goes more into Americana from his folk leanings than some of his songs that cover more spiritual concepts. It’s very easy to imagine him performing, as the singer/songwriter factor is so commanding. If you’re in the area and get the chance to see him, I wouldn’t pass it up, he’s a gifted writer, singer and player.

It is unknown to me if he records with other players or not, but that could be something to put out there for fans as they continue to accumulate because it’s very hard to tell if he’s doing all the instruments and if he is, then Ted Hajnasiewicz all-the more a force to reckon with. But I must admit it’s hearing more of his cuts that brought me back to the beauty of “This Town Is Not For Me,” as if to gravitate back to it in double-take fashion.

Fans of Ted Hajnasiewicz can expect one more single before his new full-length release, according to my notes, and I look forward to that and the CD after many plays of this tune about a lost soul with no town left to turn to. I was interested from the first note, and managed to stay that way throughout, which is just a mark of a truly good song and he’s got a stack of them out there. I listened to it for three days before writing this, so my mind was already made up without hesitation that it’s a solid cut with an icy lyrical message.

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