Szandra Mayer releases new Single

12 year old singer/songwriter Szandra Mayer dishes out a pure pop gem in her new single “Never Ever” that is as chic and cosmopolitan as it is surreal and subtle in execution. Mayer doesn’t waste any time before laying into her sparkling vocal with a raw intensity that speaks to her youthfulness, but moreover, her passion and unadulterated talent. She commands enigmatic poetry seamlessly in this song, and while she’s still got a lot of growing up to do before deciding what career she ultimately wants to pursue, there’s no arguing that she’s got a phenomenal talent that is on full display in “Never Ever.”


The grooves are a dominant force to be reckoned with in this track, but the drums themselves aren’t overly aggressive. There’s a conventional EDM swagger in the percussion, and on top of the sensational hook that it bolsters in the chorus, it contributes a rich texture to the grander scheme of things here that simply wouldn’t be present otherwise. Singers like Szandra Mayer don’t need a lot of fancy bells and whistles to make a really profound statement with a song, but that didn’t stop her from highlighting her stylish vibrato with some well-appointed sonic nuances in this single.

Although synthesized and, at its core, artificially generated, the instrumental melody that supports Mayer’s singing feels and sounds remarkably organic, smooth and devoid of the plasticity that often plagues similarly stylized pop music. If anything, the synthesizers frame the vocal perfectly in this situation, and the little bit of contrast that exists between the two only serves to emphasize how sophisticated a voice Szandra Mayer possesses. There’s nothing fake or disingenuous about “Never Ever;” in fact, quite the contrary. This is as fresh and honest a pop song as I’ve heard this spring, which has been underwhelming on the mainstream side of the dial to say the least.

Mayer utilizes a rather conservative style of attack with these verses, and it allows for us to really appreciate just how many intricacies there are in the natural timbre of her voice. She isn’t content to merely captivate us with her lyrics alone here; she wants to engage us with the tonality of her serenade, which in itself, is a concept that is wise beyond her years. With a versatile depth of musicality like this, I can only imagine what she’s going to be coming up with by the time she reaches adulthood.


Pop fans can’t go wrong with this awesome single this month, and frankly, anything that young Szandra Mayer cuts in the near future. Fusing a vicious style of Euro Pop, soulful R&B singing and EDM basslines, she’s cultivating a sound that is original, accessible to music buffs of numerous tastes, and most importantly, brimming with a potential that record labels, producers and critics spend the entirety of their careers searching for in performers more than twice her age. Mayer has an endless array of possibilities sitting in front of her, and if she keeps on this present artistic trajectory, she’s going to find herself a very successful pop singer in the years to come.

Michael Rand

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