Studd Da Kidd’s “Lover Girl” Commercial

Commercials don’t have to be the kitschy, predictable content that we flip past a hundred times over on the radio and television every day; ideally, they’re illustrating the depth of a product, its creators, and the consumer base desired by a company. Studd Da Kidd’s “Lover Girl” commercial dropped this autumn ahead of her new Exposure Explosion Festival Live app, and while it does a good job of introducing us to the product at hand, I think what it was designed for has much more to do with the cultivation of a relationship between creator and consumer that doesn’t normally transpire within the length of a short advertisement.

Studd Da Kidd’s personality is at the center of everything she does, from the promotion of artists to the development of careers, concepts, and other elements of an artistic campaign within the music industry, and you could say that this latest venture is indeed an extension of who she is when she isn’t in the office – as well as who you’re getting when you do business with someone of her elite caliber. From San Antonio to San Francisco, this is a player intent on taking over the game. 


There’s been a lot of buzz with TAMA Industries, the main project Studd Da Kidd has been busy developing in recent times, but I don’t know that enough has been highlighted about what’s getting ready to come down the pipes in this Exposure Explosion Festival Live app. We’re not exclusively talking about artists playing live shows when and where they want within a streaming platform; this is a networking app that lets people from across the business, from the casual fans to the fire hip-hop moguls at the top connect to spotlight indie brands, boost underground productivity and foster a community of artists and producers that isn’t limited to specific area code. Overstating the concept would have been a bad idea for the “Lover Girl” commercial, but we’re not getting any of that here – just the same kind of exponentially creative persona that Studd Da Kidd would present to you as an emcee and CEO the same. 


You need to be looking out for the “Lover Girl” commercial this fall, and the actual product that it’s shedding some light on at the moment, especially if you consider yourself up on the current trends within indie music today. This is perhaps the most competitive era we’ve ever had in the history of this business, and going in without a partner like Studd Da Kidd can often mean the difference between breaking through ahead of 30 years old and waiting a lifetime for a single steady stream count to come through. You can’t go wrong with the grassroots entrepreneurship that grows the kind of talent Studd Da Kidd and TAMA Industries are on a daily basis, and if you haven’t already explored what they can do for you as a musician, you probably aren’t doing as much as you could to take your profile to the professional level. 

Michael Rand 

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