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Leading the NFT industry as COO of NFT Drop, LLC., Stacey Toy is a metaverse guru who like an oracle and profit shared her knowledge of the science and art long before anyone else, journeying into the world of crypto from the beginning. With a background in film and entertainment it was easy for her to crossover into the brave new world with ease along with her partners Gil Laureiro and Rod Thompson.

A graduate of Oxford University having a masters degree in journalism, Stacey was chosen as “Northeast Woman” in America and was invited into Europe’s largest entrepreneur society, “Oxford Entrepreneur Society.” She spent 11 years in the broadcasting industry on a top 55 market station as the live TV news director. Stacy produced and cast films, TV and commercials as a COO of TwentyFiveEight Studios Inc. and worked with companies like Toyota, the Super Bowl, and many others providing ads and commercials. Stacey has produced, pitched and managed feature films, tv shows, pilots, sizzle reels, commercials and documentaries. She hosted FanroomLive where she worked with and interviewed notable celebrities including Ice-T, Morgan Fairchild, George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer and a parade of others…

Since the inception of NFT Drop LLC, Stacey, Gil and Rod have been watching their company grow. NFT Drop, LLC is a celebrity client-based company that collaborates and drops NFT’s for purchase. For those who still aren’t familiar with the NFT revolution they are unique cryptographic tokens that exist in a block chain and cannot be replicated. Non-Fungible Tokens can represent artwork, real estate, music and other assets and are one of a kind. They can be bought and sold and traded while eliminating the prospect of fraud. NFTs are basically digital assets that represent real world objects. Their clients range from Death Row Records artists to famous artists, celebrities, memorabilia and even bringing big brands into the metaverse. 

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