“Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” (single) by Juewett Bostick

“Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” is a fantastic single cut from the album – Shades Of Blu, by Juewett Bostick, a very gifted musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter. In fact, you might even be very hard pressed to find music keeping up with genres to blend them together so well, as what you will hear on this record. The thread of weaved together jazz, blues, rock and soul are that of which is rarely done so well anymore. You’ll not only be enlightened by this number you’ll be impressed with the artist and want to hear more if you’re a true music lover.

Not being familiar with Bostick’s work, in his bio simply states that “his musical and artistic legacy is one of creativity, innovation, and associations with great musicians, vocalists and artists.” And it’s easy to align this one song with that, so it explains enough about him, other than he’s also clearly a fan of Jimi Hendrix and does a very good impression of him on one of the tracks on the same album, Shades Of Blu, which contains a brilliant Hendrix cover. To put it lightly, Bostick is obviously a seasoned veteran who’s been around long enough to know all the ropes.

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“Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” is one of several cuts on Shades Of Blu (Deluxe Edition), which contain the word “Prelude,” just to describe where it goes from that perspective, so the full length album is also a must hear after partaking in this great tune because there’s so much more to it. You also might even want to check out the previous release once you start getting into Ju’s infectious songwriting. The hooks are priceless, the sound is clean, and the vibe is dirty and contagious. I like to call it funk, but it’s not that straight forward, it’s laced with everything wrapped into one package.

Ju Bostick never sounds contrived because it’s all done by feel and somehow comes out perfect by way of it. The music has a live feel in the studio, as if the band are playing live, and that’s important with funk in order to get a big sound on what is essentially a lot of jamming. And it’s remarkable how they come up with fully constructed songs out of it, just as the best have always done, rather than sitting down and trying to write songs. If that is what it takes to sound this naturally intense and confidently relaxed at the same time, then mission accomplished.

Whenever I get something like this it’s worth describing, even if it’s hard to do because I’m new to the artist. I’m glad I heard it, and I like Ju Bostick’s style and delivery as a result. It might not be for everyone but should be heard by the masses so it could be, as there is nothing but excellent musicianship, songwriting and playing to groove on. “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” is just a good place to start but do yourself a favor and keep listening for more of some of the hottest funk you’ll hear in 2019.

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