Scott Chasolen: “Northern Lights” by Eileen Shapiro

Superstar and super talented, New York based singer, pianist, and songwriter, Scott Chasolen is celebrating the release of his new single, “Northern Lights”. Aside from the fact that Scott is an accomplished musician, each of his songs come from a place filled with emotion, passion, and real life sorrow. “Northern Lights” is no exception.

His performances are in demand, and his talent is quickly recognized as soon as he begins a song. Scott shared some questions and answers regarding his new single as well as what comes next…..Scott talks about the actual Northern Lights as being a “cosmic phenomena”, such is that of his songs.

Your songs tend to be inspired by your life experiences, for example “Limbo”. Does your newest single “Northern Lights” share that motivation?

Absolutely. “Northern Lights” was written from a place of pain (surprise surprise) and regret while reflecting over a relationship ending. I was in the Adirondacks in upstate NY feeling quite lonely on Christmas eve, and upon staring into the night sky, began fantasizing about seeing the Northern Lights. Which, as legend has it, is very rare and highly desired due to the colorful beauty and cosmic phenomena.

The chorus goes:
“So I pray to the Northern Lights
Paint the midnight sky crimson, emerald and white
Every shooting star glows so bright
Bring me peace and second sight”

It was a desperate search for answers, and I was looking to the heavens to find them. Realizing there was about as much chance of salvaging the relationship as there was at seeing the Northern Lights at that moment, and maybe my lost love would meet me there in some sort of dream…

You’ve been on the road a lot, is that to promote your new songs or is it with The Machine?

I’ve been on the road with two bands, juggling a pretty hectic touring schedule, criss-crossing the country with The Machine (an esteemed Pink Floyd Tribute Band) and Beginnings (a well-known Chicago Tribute Band). I play keys and sing in both bands but neither of them is my original music. I will do multiple record release shows when the album drops next year.

How did you first enter into the music world?

I played the trumpet and drums in concert band and marching band from 6th-12th grade. My first time performing onstage as a keyboardist with a rock band was junior year of high school, when I played “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who in the Wayne Hills talent show with Spontaneous Generation. We were the local teenage dream sensation, and spent the next 4 years bringing our NJ pop sound to loyal fans in Wayne and NYC. My songwriting began here, and I was only starting to discover my voice as an artist in this embryonic phase. Oh, and we won the talent show, if you were wondering. My first official paying gig for $50! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last gig I would do for that amount of money.

What will be next for you after “Northern Lights”?

I have another single entitled “Closer” to release, and then the whole album “Living In Limbo” will drop in early 2019.

“Northern Lights” seems it’s almost acoustic……no piano?

“Northern Lights” is a guitar-based song, and there is no acoustic piano on the recording. There is an electric piano (wurlitzer) part in the pre-chorus and chorus but it’s only for subtle support. I wrote it on acoustic guitar and kept the arrangement fairly simple and true.

Can you recall your most embarrassing episode while performing live?

I got horrible food poisoning 2 minutes before taking the stage for a sold-out club in Milwaukee. My tour manager hid an industrial sized garbage can behind my keyboard rig and I ran back and forth to it constantly for the entire set. I was sick for 2 days and have never felt worse onstage. Lesson learned – no Thai food before a gig!!

Define music from your point of view.

Music is the essence of life for me. As a listener as well as a player. I love being in the audience for a show as much as I love performing one. It’s how I express myself creatively…emotionally…spiritually.

Music is my best friend, and never lets me down. It conveys darkness when things are tough, and explodes in light when things are joyous in a language everyone can understand. When words fail, music speaks.

If you could choose a question to be asked in an interview, what would it be and how would you answer it?

LUCKY CHARMS. No one ever asks what my favorite cereal is.

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