“Real Quick” (SINGLE) from rapper K-Roll

Some people call it bragging, others call it confidence. “Real Quick”, from rapper K-Roll, is both – and it should be. His new track might sound braggadocious to some, but at the heart of the song is an artist with a vision. Adding in some sweat equity, K-Roll demolishes the competition in his new independently released jam.

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K-Roll (real name Kevin Rollinson) lays down words that are easy to remember and just as fun to recite – head to the studio real quick. He veers into a sound that is very pop, but has lots of makings of R&B. He raps here and there, and a female vocalist sings like no other. She’s amazing. Her voice really elevates the song, and adds an entire new level of musicality. I think the music bed plays with the schemes from different mixes. I sense, ever so slightly, a guitar. It’s like a cool twang at the end of each measure. I kept imagining the renegade guitarist in the studio, at the same time, picturing K-Roll scribbling the words to the song in his notebook. The song is about getting to the studio quickly so he can record the track that is the next big thing. He’s ready for this song to be out to the public and wants to tell the DJ’s to put it into the mix. As he raps about getting the track to the radio DJ, I do think “Real Quick” is radio friendly and radio ready. Nothing too complex, nothing offensive, it’s an easy track to like and easy to slip right into. I found myself rooting for K-Roll by the song’s end, wanting to be there to see his face when the song is played on the radio for the first time.

K-Roll’s concoction is full of fun beats and whimsical slides. Okay, maybe not whimsical, maybe just ill. He keeps the pulsating vibes fresh. It might sound like two completely different songs at times – the singing could easily isolate itself to be a song on its own. The expressive spirit in K-Roll’s raps harbors this intense optimism and passion. While he bleeds a blend of thoughtful reflection and forward thinking, he’s very relatable. He’s real. As he continues pacing forward in the song, and in life, the man that grew up singing gospel music in South Carolina, is putting himself on the right path. Like a lot of fans and listeners romanticize their artists, I think that K-Roll is just as dramatic about his own musical journey. It’s a good thing. “Real Quick” sounds kinetic, with simplistic yet infectious tones. The stellar output that comes alive is one that is fun to go back to listen to time and again.

K-Roll is from South Carolina. He’s also dabbled in acting and has been in several independent movies, as well as the stage play, Church Folks. Featuring Quesh, $DOE$ and Simon Sayz, “Real Quick” is K-Roll’s first released single. His first music manager was Death Row Records’ Maurice Murray.

Michael Rand

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