“Pretty Cry” the new single by Sherman de Vries

Out of the dark silence that precedes it, an acoustic guitar appears as “Pretty Cry,” the new single by Sherman de Vries, begins to play. In the chime of its strings, there are shades of sadness, introspection, and most prominently, self-awareness. De Vries has yet to sing even a single line, and already the essence of his lyrical narrative is washing over us in the form a forlorn melody that will follow us throughout the course of the next three and a half minutes. There is nothing to separate the artist from his audience  in “Pretty Cry;” there is only Sherman de Vries, the intrepid, colorful poetry he shares with us and a sense of tension that will find release only with the harmonious hook in the chorus. It doesn’t take much more than a couple of words for listeners to fall head over heels in love with the man responsible for the groove-laden crooning behind the microphone in this song, but as the track progresses, it’s almost as if his vocal becomes all the more formidable in the master mix.

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The instrumental tide ebbs and flows at the whim of the percussion’s unpredictable stride, but Sherman de Vries remains on a consistent, steady trajectory towards the climactic chorus, never once skipping a beat in his pursuit of a fever pitch moment amidst this brutally tense backdrop. Where some of his weaker contemporaries would shy away from putting themselves at the forefront of such a straightforward mix, he rejects the very notion of using a sonic wall to hide behind in this stately new single.

His voice is interwoven with the stands of synthetic melodicism behind him so seamlessly that it’s often hard to tell where one portion of the harmony ends and another begins, but this isn’t the result of a poor production-hand; the exact opposite, actually. De Vries is one with his craft here, unafraid of anything that the four walls of the recording studio could ever throw his way, and carrying himself not like an underground stalwart but an industry icon who is ready to take his rightful place on the mainstream side of the dial.

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“Pretty Cry” ends with much of the same simplicity that it first starts off with, but when it finally ceases to play, the song leaves a void that is only fillable with repeat listens of its sharply defined beats. Based on what I’ve heard around the campfire this summer, I was anticipating to be wowed by whatever I heard in this latest release from Sherman de Vries, but I was not expecting to come across something as erudite as “Pretty Cry” truly is. There’s enough of a danceable groove in this track that I doubt it will have a hard time getting into regular rotation in the club scene, but the poppy finish on the melodies – both instrumental and vocal – will absolutely sell its swing to more casual listeners as well. I’m very impressed with what de Vries doing with his music right now, and once you hear this single, I think you’ll feel the same.

Michael Rand

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