The Police tribute band Stingchronicity release new music

In a furious attack indicative of their passionate attention to detail, Stingchronicity don’t waste any time laying into “Message in a Bottle” with an incendiary eruption of tone and texture similar to that which The Police did when the track was originally released in their new promotional video, shot live at The Ardmore Music Hall just recently. Stingchronicity are a cover band who specifically feature music of Sting and The Police, and though they’re not the only act who’s decided to take a swing at the British rockers’ classic collection of songs, they’re making headlines this spring for their originality, the rambunctious energy they bring to the stage and, more than anything else, their ability to recreate many of the same chills their favorite band once did so many years ago.


After wowing us with a kaleidoscopic rendition of “Message in a Bottle,” Stingchronicity pivot to the Sting ballad “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You,” one of their most fluid performances in the whole of the video. While this song isn’t nearly as stylish nor as chic in shape as their red-hot cover of “Roxanne” is, the group definitely makes the most of their harmonic efficiency here while alluding to the potential they’ve got for striking up a jam session out of nowhere. It’s obvious, to me at least, that simply re-varnishing old school rock n’ roll wasn’t this crew’s only priority when putting together the premise for their stage performances; contrarily, there’s an almost viciously cerebral element to “Every Breath You Take” that would suggest they’re as interested in making their own mark on the underground right now as they are in bringing the music of The Police to a new generation of rockers, punk or otherwise. Stingchronicity might not be the first band to try and fuse contemporary sonic faceting with covers of an act that most anyone born in the last fifty years has heard dozens upon dozens of times, but in this instance, they’re one of the only groups of their kind I’ve reviewed in the year 2020 that hasn’t relied on their treatment of the source material as the lone channel through which to embrace accolades from critics and fans alike.

Following a bitterly violent take on “Synchronicity II” that might even be a little edgier than the first run of the track, the promo video for Stingchronicity comes to a conclusion on the back of a rollicking cover of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” a song that was a favorite of mine well before I ever got into writing about music professionally. Though it’s not the simplest task in the world, Stingchronicity make covering Sting and The Police look and sound all too easy when they take the stage, but I won’t tell you to take my word for it – instead, I highly encourage you to take a peek at their latest gig at The Ardmore Music Hall in Pennsylvania. After getting a glimpse at it for myself, I definitely want to catch these guys in-person sooner than later.

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