Ora Nadrich’s “Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity”

Even a single reading of Ora Nadrich’s Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity illustrates the profound impact mindfulness practices and meditation have on the author’s life. She radiates an inner peace from the text reflected by her calm elucidation of readers might better absorb these practices into their daily lives and overall approach to life and comes across as someone sincerely invested in the personal fulfillment of her readers. It is a rare mix to find in any book. I lost myself in the best possible way while reading her thoughts; Nadrich presents her vision of mindfulness in everyday life with passion while never becoming overwrought and the convincing tenor of her presentation holds your attention throughout the entirety of the book. This is due in no small part to her obvious talents as a writer.

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The book’s structure is another selling point. No one can claim Nadrich shirks from addressing the major themes that dominate our respective lives. Live True is divided into four distinct parts with declaratory titles and the chapters are as well – there is no mistaking what the subject at hand is whenever you read this work. The structure, as well, invites multiple approaches to reading the book. Readers may choose to tackle the book from beginning to end, isolate individual parts, or focus on specific chapters while still deriving great value from their reading. Few books of any type can boast this sort of flexibility 

The chapters contained within each of the aforementioned four parts do not gloss over their subjects, but they never overwhelm readers either. Nadrich keeps her eyes on the ball, so to speak, and nothing distracts her from the matter at hand. This tight focus on the book’s goals results, of course, in a satisfying work and her treatment of individual subjects zeros in on what is important without ever belaboring the issue at hand. Nadrich includes meditations for readers at the end of each chapter designed to reinforce the points she makes through concrete practice and they are conveyed to readers with the same economy of language defining the work as a whole.  

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Her ability to explore the book’s issues with concrete methods rather than mere rhetorical flights separates her work from many others. Much of this is due in no small part to her experiences working with others one on one in a variety of workshops she has conducted over the years. I appreciate how Nadrich pulls from an assortment of disciplines to build her approach and brings them together in seamless accord. It is no small feat as, at least on a superficial level, the clinical nature of Jungian analysis would seem incompatible with Buddhism and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but Nadrich redefines our sense of the possible with her work here. Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity opens new vistas of appreciation for mindfulness principles without ever abandoning practical applications; Ora Nadrich’s book is a rich and informative read that should stand the test of time rather than succumbing to disposability. 

Nicole Killian, posted by Michael Rand

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